Happy Friday, Lords and Ladies. It is with great pleasure that I announce my attendance this weekend at MegaCon. I am looking forward to having a splendid time! I promise to take lots of pictures and share my stories upon my return. Also, I read some comics this week.

My Pull List
Wonder Woman #6, Fables #114, Birds of Prey #6, and Peter Panzerfaust #1.

Peter Panzerfaust is a new title from Image Comics, and the first issue is a delight. Inspired by the characters and moments of the well-loved Peter Pan, writer Kurtis J. Wiebe introduces a unique take on the fairy tale that is shining with potential. My knowledge of Peter Pan is peripheral at best. I haven’t even watched Hook in its entirety. But the little that I do know gives Peter Panzerfaust a subtle familiarity while still being very much its own story.

Aside from having a fantastic title, the quick dialogue and reckless abandon of Peter Panzerfaust is endearing. I smiled from ear to ear several times while reading, not only from the story, but from the art, too. Tyler Jenkins’ style is absolutely charming. He graces us with a cheerful splash page introducing Peter Panzerfaust to the world, as well as some brilliant moments with the other characters – Felix, Julien, Alain, Claude, Maurice, and Gilbert, who will come to be known as the Lost Boys.

I have no loyalty to Pandom, but I plan on getting at least the first arc. So, I think that tried and true Peter Pan lovers will especially enjoy this title.  Show some love to the creator-owned PETER PANZERFAUST.

Filling In
Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey both had fill-in artists this month. Tony Akins on Wonder Woman and Javier Pina taking on the Birds. I am still not fond of Akins’ work. He just makes Diana look SO SEVERE. From the bulging muscles to the sharp angles of her face; it’s all a bit much. Still, he manages some great actions sequences, and killer art on the Greek gods. I miss Chiang, though. On a lighter note, Pina killed it on Birds of Prey. He’s as good as Jesus Saiz. He may miss some detail in a few panels, but overall, Pina’s work in this issue is impressive. Both books are working with some kick ass colorists, Matthew Wilson and June Chung, respectively.

Back on Track
Fables was starting to piss me off as of late, but we are back on track now. Juicy tidbits about the North Wind are revealed. Buckingham delivers a pretty stellar splash page of what Snow and Bigby’s cub Winter may grow up to be. The Fables are moving back to Fabletown, which is now Castle Dark. AND there is a beautifully drawn back-up short by artist Shawn McManus set in Oz. All in all, a satisfying issue. For those of you getting the single issues of Fables, we are finally starting see the following revelation unfold …

Alright. I have to go pack. Talk to you next week, lovelies.

2 thoughts on “Stream of Comicsness – Week of 02.15.2012

  1. Thanks for this V.
    I too am not a fan of the way Tony Akins draws Diana, but I just kind of squint when looking at her to avoid the harsh. ; )
    And yes Fables is becoming fun again, and that is a good thing.

    Have a nice time where ever you are going! : )


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