8 thoughts on “Namor

  1. This is really a good drawing but I must say it makes me laugh. I mean he is walking around Times Square dressed like Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and seems to be wondering why are people staring at me. : )


    1. Namor is bold and cocky that way. He’s a bit arrogant. He figures that since he’s a prince from he’s from, that everyone should bow in his presence. That he can walk around like that and no one should have a problem with it. He was sometimes written that way.
      He does look like he wants to say “What! This ain’t normal!”


  2. He’s the King of Atlantis, and he can swim in deep ocean water in that gear (deep ocean water has an average temperature of 35 degrees fahrenheit) without experiencing the Costanza Effect. So, to him, cold New York weather might as well be a balmy summer day. And they have to let Doctor Doom run around in a weaponized metal suit because of diplomatic immunity, so I imagine no gets to tell Namor to put on pants for much the same reason.

    Also, I love how the conch shell artfully directs the gaze to the Royal Orbs and Scepter. Sort of the opposite of Aquaman’s A symbol, which seems to say, “Hey, my face is up here!” :-)


  3. Current X-Men issues have Namor putting the moves on Emma Frost. He seems to have a fixation on married blond surface women.


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