When your tried and true doesn’t bring the kind of joy that it used to, sometimes the grass is actually greener. What am I talking about? I am feeling a bit disenfranchised by my DC Comics as of late. While a few titles still make me happy, it has brought to light a plethora of amazing comic books that lie beyond the bleed.

Erika and I put our heads together and came up with the 20 must read titles of … right now. Come Fall, some of these books may not be as hot. There might be a different creator on art duties or the story could go all to hell (I’m looking at you Azzarello). So, we’ll reassess around Halloween time. But for the Summer of 2012 (and in no particular order), these are the comics you should be reading.

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Which comics make your must-read list?

20 thoughts on “Comics You Should Be Reading: Summer 2012 Edition

    1. I’ve heard good things about Dial H, but I am in complete agony over Wonder Woman. It does not appeal to me the way it does for some. I love, love, love Fatale. That is a truly excellent story.


  1. Going to have to check out Dial H, but definitely need to add Batwoman to the list. Awesome art and a storyline that keeps me going back for more.


  2. For me so far this summer, Mind the Gap and Saga are at the top, kicking ass and taking names. And I’m loving Wolverine & the X-Men. Unlike most of the other X-books right now, these can somewhat stand alone from the AvX story. (Although I admit it might be more enjoyable if you knew everything else going on.) They’re hilarious and the art is super fun. You already know how I feel about Wonder Woman. So sad I had to axe it. Batwoman is still trucking along for me. Maybe not as much as the first few issues but I don’t want to break something after I read it like WW. Lol.

    Great suggestions! I had eyed some of these before and you convinced me to give them a try. I’ve culled so many of the DC books I was following that there’s more room now. I do have to lament how much more expensive the other publisher’s books are. Sucksville.


    1. Saga is the jam! It’s just incredibly good, month after month. We hope you enjoy some of the other titles on the list, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve got some good stuff in your pull list. Wednesdays should be exciting!


  3. I am kinda surprised no Animal Man or Swamp Thing? Those are probably two of the best nU-52 titles out there. (And no Rob Liefield involvement with either of them.)


  4. I’ll echo earlier sentiment for Dial H.

    I am also liking Earth 2 (the first two issues… waiting on third from DCBS) and X-O Manowar.


  5. Saga is my favorite by far. I’m also reading UC Spiderman which has gotten very good. Another new favorite is Thief of Thieves. And I’ve (slowly) been catching up on the Walking Dead. The Chew covers always catch my eye so I may give it a try.



      Well, it is very, very good. Definitely stands as one of my favorites consistently. Saga is just a stunning book. But I think we all knew it would be with a creative team like that.

      I read the first issue of Thief of Thieves, and I liked it. I just haven’t gone back to read the rest. Perhaps I will do that.


      1. Yes to Chew!
        Thanks to you V I am reading that book/series, and I love it!
        I also like Morning Glories as well, it is nice to read a different style of comic.


  6. Thanks y’all, for putting this list together! I’m looking forward to checking out some of these titles (although my wallet is not so happy about it). And I’m with the folks who would include Batwoman on the list….I know the latest arc has been challenging (many say disappointing) w/the non-linear narrative, but I think the story is still compelling (hopefully it will read better when collected in a trade), and the new arc is starting soon with Williams returning to the art (although I think the art has been consistently great even in his absence).


    1. Yes, the art on Batwoman has been stellar. I love Amy Reeder, and Trevor McCarthy’s work is sharp. The story has been difficult to follow, but I also think it will probably read much better collected.


  7. Since dropping all DC titles (everything DC/Warner Bros./Vertigo, etc.) the financial opportunities to read other, more diverse titles has been a much needed boost of confidence in the medium. Titles such as Thief of Thieves, Invincible (after a too-long-hiatus), Wet Moon, Secret, have all become welcome reads. Not to mention a few from the 20 you posted above. Thanks for the recommends!


  8. Fury Max might be the best book that Marvel is publishing right now, and certainly the only Marvel book I’m reading. Historically based, it’s what Before Watchmen: Comedian SHOULD be.


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