BatWondy fans everywhere — OK, maybe just me — were brokenhearted today when DC announced that Superman and Wonder Woman are officially an item. Justice League writer Geoff Johns described it as “the new status quo,” and Jim Lee’s cover for issue #12 suggests that Wondy keeps a toothbrush at the Fortress of Solitude.

I hate everything about this idea. Aside from being predictable and bland, it dashes any hope, at least for now, that Batman and Wonder Woman will rekindle the romance that stirred so many hearts just a few short years ago. Hell, G3 based an entire series on our belief that putting them together would result in one of the hottest couplings ever in the DCU. If you missed it the first time around, our passionate argument is here.

Having dropped Justice League months ago, I admit that I have no context other than breathless press reactions. Maybe this will go in an interesting direction, and judging from the insane amount of Supes/Wondy fanart out there, there are plenty of people who are into the idea. But despite all the chatter about how steamy and controversial a move this is, Lee’s cover leaves me absolutely cold. It’s not like we haven’t seen these two in a clutch before.

Geek in the City’s Aaron Duran summed it up perfectly on Facebook: “Never mind that, apart from both being massively powerful, they have nothing in common. This just smells like suits thinking “Hey, let’s have these two hook up …  and make it sexy.”

The only good thing to come out of this is a hilarious imagining of text messages between Superman and Wonder Woman, courtesy of NPR’s Glen Weldon.

Alas, we’ll always have fanfiction.

36 thoughts on “BatWondy Nation Weeps

        1. Totally concur with you all!
          I am just hoping that this is short lived.
          I remember that Perez had Diana have a crush on SM but she realized that it was just a crush and said that they would be better as friends and I really liked how it was handled then.
          Who does DC think that they are kidding? I mean this paring of SM and WW has been done to DEATH via Elseworld and in parts in real world continuity. If they wanted to go for a big different love stretch if not Bruce, and Bruce should be given a chance more than once, I would have paired Diana with Hal Jordan because she royally laid the smack down on him in one of the JL issues.
          But DC seems to be the home of the bleeding obvious and lower common denominator of late. I am beyond bored of this new 52.


    1. TL;dr: It’s you.

      Long version: the image seems to be intended to portray Wonder Woman as receptive/passive and Superman as yearning/possessive. Very ‘romance novel,’ and I’m not at all impressed with it. It’s an overused trope.

      I don’t agree with the interpretation of boredom, though.


  1. This just bums me out. Way more than it should, I mean, they aren’t real people. But, as one that loves good character and story… Yeah, this isn’t cool. Always WW and Bats.


      1. Yes indeed. Especially when you think about all the characterization that came before. Fine, this is “New52”, even in this new universe they don’t have anything in common. At all. It just reads like bad Kevin Smith fan fiction. (Not a big on Kevin, when Mallrats came out, that line was some funny fanboy banter… But we knew it was all just that. Fanboy banter).


  2. I have never agreed with the BatWondy obsession here, and I’ll tell you why: A case as good, if not better, could be made for the compatibility of Superman and Wonder Woman, compared to the case for Wonder Woman and Batman.


    1. They’re both human; Kent is an alien: A. that’s racist, B. that was never true. Pre-New-52, Wonder Woman was essentially a clay statue animated and granted a sould by the power of the Gods. Post-New-52, she’s a daughter of Zeus and (apparently) Hippolyta, making her a demigoddess.

    2. Shared point of view: They both have a dark side: I’ll grant this one, but I think the dark, edgy. ends justify the means version of Wonder Woman is the worst interpretation of her character, and the farthest from her roots. On the other hand, the dark, barely holding on to the line between good and evil Batman is a perfect interpretation of a man dragging himself out of the darkest moment of his life over and over again every day, like the Sisyphus of childhood trauma.

    3. They’re sexy together: Let’s face it, Batman is sexy with anybody. He’s dark, driven, brooding. He’s Heathcliffe with mad kung-fu skills and a billionaire’s budget. If he walked up to you and handed you a vest, a pair of short-shorts and a pair of pixie boots and said “Come slide down the Batpole and join my dark crusade of vengeance,” you would totally do it, and without even checking to make sure none of that was a double entendre. Search your feelings, Luke, you know it to be true.


    1. Physical compatibility: Niven’s “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” applies in the obverse, as well. Orgasms involve involuntary muscle contractions. More than that need not be said, except “I am the night, I am Batman” would not sound as threatening in falsetto.

    2. Shared point of view: Wonder Woman (at least the best version of her) was raised to teach Amazon virtues to the Patriarchs’ world: that love is greater than war, peace is a virtue, strength does not flow from violence, nor to it. This meshes well with a Superman who believes in the common good, the ability of human beings to reach for and achieve the best in themselves. In the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1, he stops two crimes: a wrongful execution and a wife-beating. That, to me, is the core Superman: the alien raised as a farmboy, who says “I’ve seen how good you can be, I know you can be better than this, and I’m going to help you get there.” I never get the feeling that Batman believes that people are basically good. “Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot,” and all that.

    3. They’re sexy together: OK, DC has not helped make this case. Here’s my contribitution: remember the scene with Buffy and Spike in BTVS where they go at it hot and heavy, and in the process bring down an abandoned house around their ears with their super-strength and reckless passion? Imagine that, only substitute Wonder Woman and Superman for Buffy and Spike and substitute the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and/or the Asteroid Belt for the old house. Imagine an “Oh, God, Diana!” loud enough to shatter windows miles away. That’s just off the top of my head.

    I realize they can’t *show* much, but the possibilities, even implied, are there.


    1. This is a very well thought out response, and you definitely win this thread with the line: “If he walked up to you and handed you a vest, a pair of short-shorts and a pair of pixie boots and said “Come slide down the Batpole and join my dark crusade of vengeance,” you would totally do it, and without even checking to make sure none of that was a double entendre.” True! I’ll admit that I’m probably too invested in Batman/Wonder Woman to view this with an open mind, but I really did appreciate your point of view. And humor!


  3. I’d rather that those who write Diana be more focused on her ongoing battles against gods and monsters than on who she is dating. Honestly, I am not interested in who Wonder Woman is dating… I want to see Our Favorite Princess kicking butt and taking names.


  4. I’m currently reading Justice League. And I’ve got no context for that cover. It makes no sense to me. There’s been literally zero foreshadowing.


  5. I am looking at the artwork of wonder woman/superman and something seems off. It doesn’t feel sexy or romantic, It kinda feels like im looking at a photoshopped picture. There is zero chemistry in this picture.


      1. well as you and others have said this paring WW and SM has been done to death. Also this drawing of Diana and Clark has NONE of the passion, heat or sexy steam of the kiss between Diana and Bruce that was done in the Blackest Night! I dare anyone to compare the two and still think that the SM/WW paring is the hotter. : )
        For me that was a KISS this is just a cheese cover to a Superhero Harlequin Romance novel. boring.

        : )

        p.s. E, you are so not alone in your love and regard for Diana and Bruce as a couple! : ) Keep the faith Chica!! : ) And thanks ever so for saying this!


  6. I’m actually excited about it. granted, I think in the long run, Lois and Clark deserve each other, but I’ve always felt Supes and Wondy were perfect for each other as well. As long as it’s handled well, I hope it sticks around for a while. But, as Jimmy Palmiotti always says, “It’s comics…just go with it.”


  7. Does anyone think this may be driven by the parent; Warner Brothers? It could be a way to work WW into the movie world in a couple of years since they are struggling to get her a solo movie. Like all of these things, let’s give it a chance. I am a fan of Diana and Bruce as well but I want to give Geoff some freedom to create.


      1. Trinity War?…..wasn’t that already done in the Kingdom Come series? Wow if DC makes Trinity War about who is dating who i will be laughing my ass off.


    I know you all love wonder woman but I have never really liked her. Probably because I am sick of how much the ancient Greeks influence our culture. I am absolutely sick of them by no fault of their own. It’s just that there are other ancient cultures out there why must I be force-fed westernized shit over and over again. The man who could have any woman in the world would pick Louis because she is the archetype of a strong american woman. She can relate to Martha Kent and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman for her virtue and Martha Kent for her simply heroic and truthful role as a mother who treats an alien the way she would treat any other human. And (new52) Wonder Woman would fit in better with Batman, since they both had an untraditional upbringing that has led them down this dark path in their search for inner peace which they may never find without each other. Plus I would love to see WW and Catwoman go at it for Batman the way two guys usually do in movies when they want the same girl.


  9. A bit late in the reply here, but honestly, DC is really super silly with forcing SMWW on us. But then it actually ‘forced’ closet BMWW fans (or at least non SMWW fans) to come out of the closet and state their preference. Heck, my own blog has received so many hits with ‘batman, wonder woman’ keywords leading to my BMWW posts. Some good things might come out of this pathetic SMWW show…


  10. Can’t wait for batman to get her back after superman and Wonder Woman break it after coming to the conclusion that their relationship is boring and too predictable. Hearing some rumours though of a batman Wonder Woman relationship spawning later on. Hopefully these are true.


  11. You know what all of Superman’s EXes had to say about him? In the bad room he is the man of steel, who gets off as flat quick as a speeding bullet. The main reason i think Super man would make a bad match for Wonder Woman is how little he knows about the ancient cultures compared the Batman. For all we know she may have to deilver a gorgans eye lash to Nyx so he can revive Om in Egypt.


  12. Have you gotten around to reading the issue yet? I was drawn to this pairing anyway (although I have an innate dislike of Batman anyway, so I may be predisposed), and after I read it, I felt pretty connected to this pairing.

    Then again, I’d just finished Superman Earth One: Part Two before I read this issue, and I was feeling pretty bad for SM because he was scared he’d hurt somebody if he wanted to be intimate. So maybe I had SEVERAL reasons to be inclined towards these two.


    1. Hi, Feliza. I did read the issue, and it didn’t persuade me. I really tried to get past my prejudice to judge the story on its merits. It wasn’t terrible, but it just kind of … sat there.


      1. I’m pretty new to comics in general, so I’m a bit of a clean slate — the only character I really love is Wonder Woman, so anything with Wonder Woman basically satisfied me.

        (To be fair, though… I don’t think JL is as good as the current WW series.)


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