Happy Friday, darlings! I just woke up from last weekend, and wow, what a weekend it was. Dragon*Con 2012 was a wildly beautiful celebration of geeky fandom. This con never ceases to be brilliant. So much happened at Dragon*Con this year that I cannot even begin to describe it all. Here are the high points in my experience and some fantastic links from around the interwebs.

The cosplay at Dragon*Con is unparalleled, and this year I became one of the thousands of attendees in costume. I cosplayed Black Canary – my first cosplay ever – and it was a success (more on that later). While I have marveled at the cosplay in years past, it was an entirely different (and awesome) experience being a part of it. Photographers were so gracious about taking pictures, fellow cosplayers were excited to pose together and the attendees were stoked to get and get in pictures. It was a blast beyond words. I will most definitely do it again next year … and the year after that.

Fangirl Named Felicia
Did I mention that the cosplay at Dragon*Con is truly epic? Well, I am not the only one who thinks so. As I wondered around the cosplay floor in the Marriott Marquis Atlanta taking pictures, so did Felicia Day. Her proclamation of, “HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD! That’s Big Trouble in Little China!,” as she grabbed her friend and rushed over to take a picture is just the way of things on a Saturday at Dragon*Con.

Hugs from George
If you have ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting George Perez, you know he is utterly radiant with affection for his fans. George is a regular at Dragon*Con. You can find him in Artists Alley and hanging out with cosplayers around the con. I bumped in to him being festive with some friends and greeted him with a happy, “Hey, George!” His response? He jumped up from his seat and gave me a big hug and a wet one on the cheek, of course. Then he asked his friend to take a picture with ME. No one treats their fans better than George Perez does.

Manganiello Meltdown
If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I am one of True Blood’s many rabid fans. I tweet recklessly about it during the season. The actors have become staples at Dragon*Con for the past few years. This year Nelsan Ellis, Carrie Preston, Sam Trammell, and Joe Manganeillo were in attendance.

At the time I decided to visit the Walk of Fame to see who was there, all of the True Blood actors were present meeting and greeting fans. I took a moment to talk to Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette, and another for Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene. Both were brief but pleasant exchanges where I talked about their roles in True Blood, and gushed about what I thought was good about it. Then, I got to him. By “him,” I mean Joe Manganiello who plays the ridiculously handsome werewolf, Alcide Herveaux. And by “ridiculously handsome,” I mean fucking HOT.

What started off as a, “Hi, Joe!,” quickly turned into a complete and utter fangirl meltdown … in my Black Canary costume. Sorry about that, Joe. I am still not entirely sure what I said. I was a fangirl train off her tracks, and I had no control over the drivel falling out of my mouth. Thankfully, he was patient and kind. Most embarrassing moment of my life aside, the Boyfriend assured me Joe was checking out my vinyl-accented derriere as I walked away. So, it ended on a good note.

Damon Salvatore Thinks I’m a Good Mom
Apparently there are a ton of girls who are just as stoked about Ian Somerhalder as I am about Joe Manganiello. One of those girls happens to be my Offspring. Being that Dragon*Con is Mommy’s playtime, she wasn’t with me. But I was given very strict orders to meet him and deliver a message from her. I asked if she wanted me to take a picture with him. She said, “I don’t want you in the picture WITH him. You’d ruin it. Just get me an autograph.” Like a good mother-bee, I did as I was told. After two hours in line for said autograph, I was up. Being that I was not the fan this time, I was much more composed than previously. Mr. Somerholder greeted me. I told him that I had a specific message from my daughter: “I love watching the Vampire Diaries, and Damon is my favorite character!” His reply: “Awww. Tell your daughter I said ‘Thank you.’ You waited two hours to tell me that?” Yes, Ian, I did. “YOU are a good mom.” Yes, Ian, I am.

Gillian Anderson Has an Adorable Little Potty-Mouth
I was so busy cosplaying, fangirling, and networking that I only made it to one panel, Gillian Anderson. Once upon a time, I lived for some X-Files. I am totally Team Mulder, but everybody loves Scully, right? The panel was an hour long Q&A with Gillian. Turns out she is quite charming and has the mouth of a sailor … which makes her even more charming. As fans bombarded her with questions like, “In episode 37, when you and Mulder were … ” (you get the point), she would infectiously giggle, and say, “I don’t fucking remember.”

Friends, Friends and Mo’ Friends!
Every year I get to see people that I only see at Dragon*Con. You all know you who you are, and you are the real celebrities of my weekend. Thank you for making Dragon*Con 2012 the best yet.

That sums up most of the mentionables from my weekend. Although, in between rocking my fishnets like a boss and swooning over TV werewolves, I snagged a few pictures, too. Check out my slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of G3’s best good friends, the Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan, managed to score a lot more photos than I did. Check out his Dragon*Con 2012 photo album on Flickr.

Last but not least, this awesome video sums up Dragon*Con 2012 perfectly (winks at Lan). To the best con out there!

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      1. I love it when you two talk about geeking out. I like to think of you and E as kinda-celebrity types, so it’s nice to hear you’re just fans like us.


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