I love my local comic shop. I love it for all of the obvious reasons: comics, friends … comics. It’s a small, quaint place tucked between art galleries where everyone knows your name. Okay. Only two people work there. So, two people know my name. And they should. I am in there every week, and have been for six years.

In those six years there was one comic shop clerk that I became particularly fond of. A fellow lady geek with a quick wit and smart taste in comics by the name of Lindsey. During her tenure at the shop, she was known to give sage reading recommendations, occasionally cosplay Arisia, and sketch up a storm at Free Comic Book Day. Lindsey has since gone off to conquer geekdom at a comic shop over on the West Coast, but I managed to snag her for my evil purposes … writing with Erika and me here at Girls Gone Geek.

Next Tuesday, Girls Gone Geek will launch a new column, NRRD PROBZ, with your soon-to-be pal, Lindsey. See, this subculture of comics has all kinds of nuances that we want to explore here at G3, and Lindz is going to be your go-to-girl, your Dear Abbey of comics. She eats, sleeps, and draws comics, and she is here to answer your questions.

So, Lords and Ladies, put your thinking caps on because we want to hear from you. We want you to write to Lindsey. Ask her what are the latest and greatest titles to hit the shelf, what it is like to be a lady working at a comic shop, are all the rumors TRUE?! Anything geeky that you want to talk about, she’s up for it.

You can hit Lindsey up at lindsey@girls-gone-geek.com. Give her a warm welcome and pour out your comic book soul.

P.S. Mind your manners or you will meet V. from the block. Happy Wednesday!

See all things Lindsey at lindseymorris.com.

7 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block

  1. Does she have the slightest clue as to what she’s getting herself into? Good luck Lindsey. You won’t want for material as E and V have assembled quite the issue-ridden fan base.


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