G3 Cosplay: Black Canary

V.’s Black Canary cosplay photo gallery

So impressed over the years by the cosplayers who attend Dragon*Con, cosplaying became an item on my bucket list. Finally, after a false start or two, I cosplayed my beloved Black Canary at Dragon*Con 2012. Not the one from the Golden Age, not Dixon’s Dinah, but the reason I am a comic-obsessed fanigirl at all – I was Gail Simone’s Black Canary.

I am just going to say this out of the gate because I know some people will be thinking it. And it needs to be said. Is the character of Dinah Laurel Lance drawn provocatively? Yes. Do her fishnets and zip-up bodysuit scream festish? Yes. Does that make her any less inspiring? Not to me.

I didn’t choose the costume to show off my bits, I chose it because I love the character. Dinah’s skill, strength, integrity, and straight-up moxie are the qualities that stand out to me. And I just could not have been any other character for my first cosplay.

The commitment and creativity that goes into this process is so much more than I had ever imagined. While I am not very skilled at hand-making costumes (yet), I did put a great deal of thought and effort into finding the right pieces. I did a podcast all about my costuming process and experience – the highs, the lows, the fun and the smelly – over at Stimulated Boredom.

While this is something I have very much wanted to do, and I certainly enjoyed being Dinah for a weekend … this was about my love and celebration of comics. And the spark that lit that fire was Gail. This costume is dedicated to you, Gail. You and your Birds.

Author: Vanessa Gabriel

Friends. Waffles. WERK. Podcasts with stimulatedboredom.com. Origin story at girls-gone-geek.com.

14 thoughts on “G3 Cosplay: Black Canary”

  1. Having the artwork in the slide show to complement the photos was a nice touch. You can really see how great the costume really is. Job well done Ms. V.


  2. Definitely worth the wait! I had to retire my fishnets a couple of years back… just as well, I could never quite carry it off the way you have. ; D


  3. V! Thanks for sharing your love and experience of your first Cosplay!
    It was neat to “experience” this with you!
    So who are you going to be next year? : )


      1. I LOVE Lady Mechanika! It is one of my favourite books and has been a salve to cover the wound the DC’s New 52 is and what they have done to Wonder Woman.
        I think you will make a stellar Commander Winter! You will of course have to have Titian hair but I think that you look good as a redhead!
        Steampunk can be rather nifty! :)


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