So impressed over the years by the cosplayers who attend Dragon*Con, cosplaying became an item on my bucket list. Finally, after a false start or two, I cosplayed my beloved Black Canary at Dragon*Con 2012. Not the one from the Golden Age, not Dixon’s Dinah, but the reason I am a comic-obsessed fanigirl at all – I was Gail Simone’s Black Canary.

I am just going to say this out of the gate because I know some people will be thinking it. And it needs to be said. Is the character of Dinah Laurel Lance drawn provocatively? Yes. Do her fishnets and zip-up bodysuit scream festish? Yes. Does that make her any less inspiring? Not to me.

I didn’t choose the costume to show off my bits, I chose it because I love the character. Dinah’s skill, strength, integrity, and straight-up moxie are the qualities that stand out to me. And I just could not have been any other character for my first cosplay.

The commitment and creativity that goes into this process is so much more than I had ever imagined. While I am not very skilled at hand-making costumes (yet), I did put a great deal of thought and effort into finding the right pieces. I did a podcast all about my costuming process and experience – the highs, the lows, the fun and the smelly – over at Stimulated Boredom.

While this is something I have very much wanted to do, and I certainly enjoyed being Dinah for a weekend … this was about my love and celebration of comics. And the spark that lit that fire was Gail. This costume is dedicated to you, Gail. You and your Birds.

14 thoughts on “G3 Cosplay: Black Canary

  1. Having the artwork in the slide show to complement the photos was a nice touch. You can really see how great the costume really is. Job well done Ms. V.


  2. Definitely worth the wait! I had to retire my fishnets a couple of years back… just as well, I could never quite carry it off the way you have. ; D


  3. V! Thanks for sharing your love and experience of your first Cosplay!
    It was neat to “experience” this with you!
    So who are you going to be next year? : )


      1. I LOVE Lady Mechanika! It is one of my favourite books and has been a salve to cover the wound the DC’s New 52 is and what they have done to Wonder Woman.
        I think you will make a stellar Commander Winter! You will of course have to have Titian hair but I think that you look good as a redhead!
        Steampunk can be rather nifty! :)


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