Hello, dear readers. Happy almost Halloween! This week I am going to be answering some scandalous questions sent by some enterprising young ladies. Enjoy, and keep those questions coming!

“My boyfriend thinks that Batman underoos are sexy. Would it be better to get myself some or as a joke buy him a pair?”

I totally agree with your boyfriend on this one. Batman underoos are sexy as hell. I suggest you get a pair for the both of you. If you’re embarrassed about wearing them, seeing him in a matching pair might take the edge off. And hey, you might find out that you enjoy it! Then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to role-playing! If you reach that point, I would read All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder (if you haven’t already) for pointers. Get a Black Canary costume and act out the scenes! The sky is the limit!

“Every time I go into the comic bookstore, the guys there sort of freeze like deer in headlights. So I kind of move up real close beside them and reach over to get some lame book, to just see what they do. Do you think playing with comic nerds is ok, or am I being cruel?”

I like to call these sort of games “social experiments” and find them completely acceptable as long as no one is getting hurt. But what is your end game here? Seems like you are just perpetuating a myth that you read lame comics. Stop reaching for the Zenescope and lay your hands on some DC and THEN see what they do. You might find that they have a different reaction to you the next time you cozy up next to them.

“How come every girl superhero has a thong up her crack. Why can’t they give us girls a little something to look at with guy superheroes? Put Superman in dental floss.”

I am sure you know EXACTLY why a large number of super ladies have *ahem* revealing costumes. Comics have been a boy’s club for quite awhile now. And while I disagree that all heroines are clad in butt floss, I understand your distress. There are not nearly enough gratuitous shots of chiseled man-butt in our comics. Luckily, there is a growing number of extremely talented women artists infiltrating mainstream comics. Sara Pichelli, Emma Rios, and Nicola Scott, to name just a few, are completely fabulous. Please see Secret Six #9 for a panel of Nightwing that will dominate your dreams for weeks to come.

“My friend, who is a guy, likes Strangers In Paradise. What do guys think with these lesbian comics, that there is going to be a chance?”

A chance at what, exactly? Lesbians? While I cannot speak to that, I can certainly say that Strangers in Paradise is a fantastic comic whose popularity, as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with sexual preference. I know a terrific fellow whose favorite comic was Strangers in Paradise. He has always said that if he ever got a tattoo, it was going to be of Katchoo and Francine. A chest piece. I can’t say that his devotion brought the girls to the yard, though it certainly marked him as a bit of an outcast amongst his comic reading broship. Tread carefully.

“Lindsey, rumor has it that you were this shy little college kid when you got your first job at a comic bookstore. So, just how did you get them to notice that you would become some sort of comic goddess of the future?”

I am outraged. Who told you this? No matter, I know exactly who it was. And while I appreciate your kind description of me, I hardly merit it. It’s true, I am an introvert by nature, and perhaps working in comics sort of changed that for me. They gave me a way to converse with my peers passionately in a way that I hadn’t been able to before. There’s something so satisfying about a good comic talk. And all of that talking led to opportunities for me from some great people. Like this column!

So if you’re looking to get noticed, just allow yourself to be seen and heard. Start a blog, get an audience, cast a wide net. Read things you’re not interested in as well as things you are, and get your opinions out there. There are many ways to do it. Start vlogging in costume if that’s your thing. The world is your oyster, just decide how you want to present yourself and make your mark!

8 thoughts on “NRRD PROBZ – 10.30.2012

  1. I am an older, straight gentleman who also read Strangers in Paradise. It is about story telling. Terry told an excellent sory that encompassed a lot of territory over the span of that comic. For me it comes down to story.


  2. I don’t remember which artist it was, but in Supergirl around the time that the New Krypton stuff started, Kara was depicted as wearing actual, honest-to-Rao, shorts under her skirt. I loved this look as it kept her classic costume of the blue top with the red skirt, but added an element of both realism and modesty. I wish more female costumes were given a critical eye like Kara’s was at that time.


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