Happiest Halloween my spooky darlings! Girls Gone Geek has a treat for you – a gallery of  what’s good in comics! Erika, Lindsey and I put our geeky heads together, and picked the books that we just can’t live without … at the moment.

In the ebb and flow of loving comics, some things have changed since the Summer and a few things have stayed the same. Some titles are wonderfully consistent month to month, thus they remain in the upper echelon (I am looking at you Saga), and others, while great, are coming to an end (farewell Sweet Tooth). Having said that, this list is in no way definitive beyond the realm of our three hearts. But we do know a thing or two about comics, and we promise not to lead you astray.

For the Fall of 2012 (and in no particular order), these are the comics YOU should be reading.

Hover over an image to see the details. Click an image to scroll through the gallery.

Do any of these titles make your favorites list? Are there any books not on the list that WE should be reading?

10 thoughts on “Comics You Should Be Reading: Fall 2012 Edition

  1. Mind the Gap and The Massive are my favorite books at the moment. The Art Nouveau Mind the Gap cover was TO DIE FOR, plus the mysterious story is still very compelling.


  2. Thanks to you and E I read and LOVE Chew, Fables and Punk Rock Jesus!
    They have been a grand respite due to my mega letdown of the New 52 that DC spewed out.


    1. Fables is a large undertaking, but well worth it. I has its slow moments, but the past few months it has really picked up! I haven’t read Revival, I will check that out, for sure.

      And yes, Morning Glories and Mind The Gap are both quality comics. I’ll admit, I get a bit frustrated by Morning Glories at time. The slow build makes me crazy.


      1. I have kind of lost interest in Morning Glories. I used to read it but now I have dropped it.
        It seems to be trying far too hard to be clever, and the story is making no sense to me, to the point that I do not care anymore.


        1. I approach Morning Glories the same way I approached Lost: I generally have no idea what’s going on but it’s so batsh*t crazy I can’t stop reading it. Also, since I was so let down by the ending of Lost, I kind of feel like Morning Glories is a do-over since the story structures are so similar. Hopefully there will be much more payoff in the end.


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