4 thoughts on “Batwoman

  1. Wait a minute. Batwoman . . . cavalry pants . . . red hair . . . .

    Holy Disappearing Airplanes! Batwoman’s secret identity is Amelia Earhart! :-D

    On a more serious note, I like the art and the look. I wonder if DC could be persuaded to do a barnstormers-era version of the Bat-folks? Batwoman, Nightwing, Batman and Robin as a squadron of crime-fighting flyers. Their nemeses: The former comedian turned bomb-throwing anarchist called the Joker (who will turn out to be Charlie Chaplin, of course). The elusive gentlelady thief known only as the Catwoman because she always toys with her corrupt targets before relieving them of their ill-gotten gains. Hush, a tragically deranged former silent film star who lost his career to the “talkies” and now wishes to return the world to the beautiful silence of his halcyon days.

    It’d be 50% Dark Knight, 50% Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

    I’d buy it. Wouldn’t you?


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