You could argue that every Wednesday is a holiday for those of us who get a weekly comic book fix. We play Santa Claus to ourselves, merrily leaving the LCS with a fresh stack and maybe a few … unplanned purchases that prompt our significant others to ask what the hell is up with these weird charges on our credit card statements.

But don’t we all have a few special items in mind that would bring joy to ourselves others? Because this is the season for giving, we’ve prepared our second annual G3 Gift Guide to inspire you and your loved ones. (Note: We’re not shilling for anyone. These are items we selected with no influence or favors, though we wouldn’t turn them down.)

Nightwing Hoodie

Hero Hoodie: A sartorial homage to a certain member of the Bat-family, this hoodie by designer Michael Alen is dope as hell and perfect for chilly, off-duty nights in Gotham City. It may be the next best thing to cozying up to Dick Grayson himself, and for the Nightwing fan, the only question is whether to get blue or red.

Wonder Woman running topWonder Woman-Inspired Running Tank: When lacing up for a run, it helps to have a little extra motivation. Helen McCarty’s Wondy-inspired tank top can be worn anywhere, but it’s got moisture-wicking fabric that makes it ideal for some Amazon-style sprinting. With that symbol on your chest, you’ll be a lot less likely to phone in a workout or lollygag during the next 5K.

Art of Betty and Veronica

The Art of Betty and Veronica: So many great illustrators worked for Archie Comics over the years that The Art of Betty and Veronica collection couldn’t be anything less than a homerun. From Harry Lucey to Dan DeCarlo to Dan Parent, every artist has put his or her own spin on iconic frenemies Betty and Veronica, and it’s always striking, if not jarring, to see the vast difference between the characters’ looks in 1940 and today. I’m a sucker for Archie Comics history, but this book seems like a golden pick for any comic book art fan.

Katniss Barbie

Katniss Barbie: OK, some will argue that Barbie, with her bubblegum pink convertible, gilded townhouse and assorted frippery couldn’t be further from the Hunger Games’ courageous protagonist. But look at this thing! It’s gorgeous! As someone who once collected limited-edition Barbie dolls, I can attest to their awesomeness, which rivals and surpasses that of many expensive action figures. My daughter would probably swap Katniss’ faithfully reproduced hunting outfit for something with glitter all over it, but she’d have to take it out of my hands first.

The Fifth Beatle

The Fifth Beatle: Since this graphic novel from M Press Books comes out in 2013, it’s not really eligible for the current gifting season. And that pains me, because The Fifth Beatle — which focuses on the Fab Four’s manager, Brian Epstein — looks so epic and gorgeous that I can’t wait to make it mine. I’m a major Beatles fan, and Epstein was a brilliant and tragic figure whose story, while not well known, is worthy of its own book. Written by Vivek J. Tiwary and illustrated by Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker, The Fifth Beatle has some truly swoon-inducing teaser images. Sigh. See you next year, fellows.

7 thoughts on “G3 Gift Guide: Part E.

  1. $75 …wow. My little Wondy can wear her old karate tee shirts when she runs. Love that hoodie though. No figures on your list this year?


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