This holiday season, make the geek in your life happy with STUFF OFF ETSY. Not only will you be showing off your stellar taste, but you’ll also be helping to support independent artists from all over the world! Tell them I sent you.

Bane Bandana

baneI feel like this item speaks for itself. Now anyone can pose as their favorite villain with this snappy little bandana! And at $12, it won’t be breaking your back to purchase it.

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Mug


What the lump?? This Lumpy Space Princess mug would make a great gift for almost anyone!

Pokemon Chikorita Amigurumi Plush 


Hand-crocheted pokémon are a dream come true. Hand-crocheted anything, really. Check out Etsy’s rad selection of knitted gifts.

Julia’s Junk Shop

juliaCheck out comic artist Julia Wertz’s shop. It is stocked with her comics, art, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

3 thoughts on “G3 Gift Guide: Part L.

    1. Cartoon Network store. They’ve got a ton of Adventure Time stuff there, shirts, mugs, calendars, great stuff. I almost got Boy the LSP mug. He ended up with the Regular Show mug and Adventure Time tee shirt.


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