In the first issue of the second volume of Morrison’s Batman Incorporated, Bruce and Damian are in hot pursuit of the goat-faced, gun-toting Leviathan rank and file. The chase leads them through a slaughterhouse. As bullets and bone saws fly, things get really, really bloody. With the bad guys subdued, but drenched in animal blood – Damian makes a life decision. Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn execute this unforgettable moment … adorably!


6 thoughts on “2012 Memorable Moment: Bat-Cow

      1. I do not see that happening for that is far too pat and cliche and has been done to death with Jason and to a certain extent Roy.
        Damian has a very acute sense of right and wrong, and he does not wish to be like his grandfather or mother.
        He will be a Batman that will make choices that neither Bruce or Dick could make for the greater good.
        I loath the term badass as it is bandied about so much by fanboys and some fangirls that it seems just a joke, but he will be the ultimate one.


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