Comics-wise, 2012 was a year of ups and downs. My relationship with superhero comics was troubled because I felt so disconnected from some, emphasis on some, of the newly established DC universe. I’m still a little sad about it, especially since I tried so hard to embrace the changes instead of naysaying. The silver lining is that it freed up time and money for some new titles that helped to rekindle my excitement about Wednesdays.

One of them was Vertigo’s excellent Punk Rock Jesus. Girls Gone Geek is sharing our annual rundown of the moments in comics and geek culture that delighted, shocked and outraged, and we’re kicking off with a scene from PRJ that surely left many readers speechless.

It’s obvious from the beginning that Rick Slate, the TV producer with Satan’s smile, is not a good person. He’ll do anything and crush anyone to protect his wildly popular reality show about a child who is the so-called clone and second coming of Christ. Creator Sean Murphy revealed the depth of the character’s evil in the last panel of issue #1, an image of Slate dumping Jesus 2.0’s very alive infant twin into a watery abyss. He does so without an ounce of hesitation or remorse and Dr. Sarah Epstein, the scientist responsible for the cloning, can only watch in horror.

Because of Slate’s deception, the mother never had any idea that she had given birth to more than one baby. Throughout the run of Punk Rock Jesus, which comes to an end with issue #6 in January, Murphy never blinked at the darkness or pulled his punches. No wonder it’s one of the most powerful reads this year.

2 thoughts on “2012 Memorable Moment: Rick Slate’s Heart of Darkness

  1. I already liked Punk Rock Jesus … because it was called Punk Rock Jesus, and frankly, the premise is so thought-provoking. But THIS is the moment I knew I was in for a hell of a ride. It’s definitely one of the best comic titles of 2012.


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