As much as I love Fables, Fairest wasn’t doing it for me … until issue #7. The wonderfully drawn-but-painfully-slow first arc of Fairest was followed by an unexpectedly fantastic one-shot about Beauty and the Beast. The issue is set in 1946 Los Angeles and drawn in a cheeky noir style by Shawn McManus. We see Beast in hot pursuit of Beauty. Why has his lovely wife skipped Fabletown? That would be because she is a homicidal, misandric serpent who needed to exorcise her inner demon.

Say what?

Back in the Homelands, Lamia (the aforementioned serpent) was a scorned creature on the run. See, once upon a time in a faraway land, a big man got her in the family way. The big man’s wife ran her out of town. While she was all scorned and stuff, Lamia happened across a lovely girl. She happened across Beauty.

Fairest #7

And when Lamia comes out, Beast goes and saves the monster that is his wife.

For the Fables initiated … this is mind blowing shit.

It explains why Baby Bliss is a bit more beastly than Beast and why Totenkinder was sporting some serious side-eye when Beauty got pregnant in the first place. Oh, Fables … you beautifully backwards rationalized beastly web.

What do you think?

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