For the past two years, Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force has been something I quite looked forward to on Wednesdays. At a time when many of my favorite superhero comics were not that great or being canceled, Uncanny X-Force was a consistently good title and filled that superhero space in my heart. So, when the opportunity presented itself for me to review all 37 issues of Remender’s run, I jumped at. And here, lords and ladies is the finished product – my Uncanny X-Force MEGA review. Cheers!

Lady Mandarin by Billy Tan

6 thoughts on “V. MEGA-reviews Remender’s Uncanny X-Force

  1. is Nightcrawler (AOA Kurt?) a member of the team now? I’m glad to see one my favorite characters back in action, and even happier that Marvel didn’t just bring him back from the brink.


  2. You know what, besides the true identity of Fantomex, has me most mystified about Remender’s UXF? If, as he suggests, the Celestials appointed caretakers like Apocalypse for each emerging divergent human species it would seem from the attached:
    • Go…ll was the caretaker for the Inhumans; and
    • Kelby Tak for the Deviants

    But then who is the caretaker for the early Eternals?

    Any suggestions?


      1. I just twigged. En Sabah Nur was tasked by the Celestials with being caretaker of humans with mutant potential, Kelby Tak the Deviants and the “Go…ll” would have been the caretaker for the Eternals (since the Inhumans weren’t a Celestial-intended race). Given “Go…ll” is an Eternal, and Eternals tend to be modelled on gods from our equivalent mythologies is there a god whose name starts with Go and ends in ll? Therein perhaps lies Remender’s clue!?


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