Hello dear ones. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is taking in the New Year by being drunk every waking moment like I am. Just kidding. Only on weekends and around family.

Well, this has been a busy few weeks off for me and I’m sure for you too. I’ve relocated myself to Manhattan and started a new job as well as trying to find a permanent residence. Shit is bananas all around. So bear with my while I try to find my *ahem* bearings and get back on track with the writing biznizz.

Also, y’all have been SO LAZY at sending me questions. I forgive you, but heaven help us all if David Cross and Ned Stacey are the ones keeping this column afloat. Things will get real dark real quick.

So plz, send me some e-mails. Don’t over think it. Write whatever. I’d appreciate it.

“My g/f wants to play d and d with me, but she refuses to stay in character? What do I do?”

Well what can I say? Are you suuuuure she wants to play D&D with you? Staying in character is the best part of the game! Especially since you can essentially craft whatever kind of creature/personality type you could ever dream of!

Perhaps she is getting distracted by your sexy dice rolls or just can’t commit to her character. Perhaps she is doing this all for you even though it makes her feel silly. Perhaps she just isn’t cut out for the game.

In any case, be gracious. She is either legitimately interested in playing (Bonus!), or is doing it because she likes you and wants to spend time with you (Bonus!). It might be that she just needs some time (or cocktails) to get comfortable in her character’s (someone else’s) skin.

Is your group comprised of battle-seasoned vets to the game? Your dwarfish accent is probably intimidating her. Maybe tone it down a bit and let her appear to grow with the group rather than being the n00b outsider.

Of course, it occurs to me that it is also possible that she is feigning interest and then “refusing” to stay in character because she wants to burn your campaign to the ground and make you take her to the mall or something. Your call.

“How many “action figures” can a person have on their work desk before it becomes obsessive?”

Well I’m afraid there is no definitive answer to what is “obsessive” in the way of desk action figures. I’d say once you have so many that it impairs your ability to get work done at said desk then it is certainly bordering on obsessive.

Get some shelves or something! Space for your figures is everywhere! Just make some more!

“My boyfriend reads comics on the train instead of talking to me? Should I complain to him?”

Does he read comics on the train instead of talking to you, or does he read comics on the train because he has nothing interesting to say to you?

I’ve never been the biggest fan of small talk, especially since I’m not very skilled at it. I also think that there is a rather unfair stigma attached to people (or couples) that aren’t constantly chatty. It’s totally normal. You don’t have to talk all the time. It doesn’t say anything negative about you as a person or a pair.

So maybe cut him a break. Read your own comic, book, magazine, whatever. You don’t need constant verbalization with your significant other to prove anything about your relationship.

Of course, if he’s blatantly ignoring you while you’re trying to speak to him, you should do the opposite of cutting him a break. That is just rude.


“I want to get into anime but haven’t seen anything since Pokémon and Sailor Moon. What else would you recommend?”

There is so much anime to recommend! How can I fit them all into a single response! Well, as I like love both of the shows you mentioned, I’ll mention some things I love, as well some generally popular titles.

My favorites:

Serial Experiments Lain
Gurren Lagann
Fairy Tail
Azumanga Daioh
Niea Under 7
Paradise Kiss
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Kimi Ni Todoke

Totally Popular Stuff (Which is also Good):

One Piece
Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Samurai Champloo
Death Note

Hope these help! Forums on anime sites have always been pretty useful to me as well for finding new shows to watch based on shows I like.

“I just finished Downton Abbey Season 3 and I think I am done watching television forever. Is there a cure for what ails me?”

How DARE you mention that episode to me. Possibly the worst thing I’ve ever watched.

For those of you not up to date (UK Time) with Downton Abbey, I suggest you find a place to watch all the episodes online and not wait for them to finally air in the states because OMG this goddamn season. While I would CERTAINLY never condone using a torrent site … they are readily available there, apparently.

As for what ails you, I’d suggest bookending John Cusack movies on either side of the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries to get over the emotional trauma you are enduring. God speed, my friend.

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