Hey pals.

I know you know that things have been pretty cray cray on my end with moving and jobs and other shenanigans, so I apologize for any past or future lulls in columns. I have officially decided to write this column on a less routine basis. It’ll just be posted whenever I have enough questions submitted or when some issue arises that I think pertains to this column and should be written about. In the interim I’ll be writing more straight forward stuff about current comics and such.

SO with that all out of the way let’s see what we have this week.

“This guy i know wants to read comics that are “serious” so no superheroes. He also wanted philosophy. I pointed him to The Unwritten, which he really liked. What else is there?”


Have I answered this before? I don’t remember. It’s a pretty common concern, though to be sure, there are plenty of “serious” superhero story lines.

ANYWAY good job on recommending The Unwritten. That is a really solid comic.

You might also want to point your friend to comics like The Walking Dead or noir stories like Fatale. These are some terrific, gritty comics that don’t take place in the world of capes.

Other comics that may be of interest:

From Hell
Y the Last Man
Locke and Key

Hope these are well received!

“When did Alan Moore start to suck?”

What are you talking about? Get out of here right now. That last League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was good!

There is this saying, perhaps you’ve heard of it, that goes “You can’t win em all.”

This is something we as fans should remember before we lay into comic creators on how they ruined things for us. No one is going to hit a bullseye every single time with their entire fan base (though we’re still waiting for a miss from Scott Snyder). Neonomicon might not be up your alley, but other people still enjoy it.

I mean, we’re talking about the man that gave us V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Even if he never produces anything readable again, he has still given us amazing work and deserves our gratitude, not our attitude.

“What D list superhero would you like to see get his or her own TV show?”

I’m not quite sure what constitutes a D-list superhero, or that I would want to see any get their own show. Vibe was a pretty cool dude, I guess.

I WOULD like to see Modok get some more attention. I would totally watch a Modok show.

“Like a frost giant’s head on an infants body!”

That’s it for this week. As always, if you have questions or just want to talk about something, send me a message!

5 thoughts on “NRRD PROBZ – 01.29.2013

    1. I feel like Alan Moore gets a lot of flack in general because of his persona. He’s just this creepy lookin’ old dude that sometimes writes some raunchy shit. But come on, he’s AMAZING!

      But yeah, all creators & artists are really held up to impossible standards in terms of their body of work. Everyone’s gotta be a critic.


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