In a world wide web of obsessive perfectionism that propagates impossible standards for women, Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon was a flagship of human imperfection. She made it OK to eat that bowl of cereal before bed … in bed … and leave the dish on my nightstand. She made me feel proud of my period underwear. She rocked the hell out that Princess Leia costume. Not Slave Leia. Full-length, white robe Leia.

Liz Lemon - I'm a princessFor every moment of bizarre white guilt, discomfort with weekday sex, and obscure geek references;  Liz Lemon was unapologetically herself, and I love her for it. Jack Donaghy loves her for it.

Liz Lemon is everything you never want to be, but sometimes are anyway. Liz Lemon is flawed and human and just great, damn it.

Thank you, Tina Fey, for a character who made us all feel better about ourselves. Thank you for a making an imperfect character so perfectly relateable. Thank you for Liz Lemon.

Thank you for so many laughs.

Yes, women are funny. Especially, Tina Fey. ESPECIALLY, LIZ LEMON!

One thought on “Friday Favorite: Liz Lemon

  1. Liz Lemon. She is MY Shero! : )
    I can relate to her in everything except for the bizarre white guilt, but I am fine with that.
    She will be missed greatly but I have her forever on DVD! : )

    thanks for this lovely love letter tribute to L.L.


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