Best handshake ever.

The Cliffs Notes way to describe Troy and Abed, the eternally charming besties from NBC’s “Community,” is as a pair of guys who alternate between social illiteracy (Abed) and cluelessness (Troy). But as any fan of this show knows, Trobed are rock stars of whimsy who revel in their geekiness. I’ll take an imaginative play area called a Dreamatorium over a home office any day.

Only at a wacky place like Greendale Community College could these two become best friends. As a former high school football star, Troy was once the center of a rarified universe. Unfiltered Abed, who relies on his extensive pop culture knowledge to make sense of the world, knows what the inside of a locker looks like. They’re great players on their own, but “Community” went to a new level when Troy and Abed became BFFs and, eventually, roommates.

Or maybe “soulmates” is a better word. These two are so tight that when they told their study group that they had an announcement to make, everyone assumed they had made it official and dropped the “b” from bromance. But what they really have is an unselfconsciously close, nonjudgmental friendship. Everyone else might think Abed is strange, but Troy sees him as “a magical creature.” When Troy reminded Abed that he couldn’t participate in Christmas activities because he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, Abed suggested that he only pretend to celebrate while acting as a mole. One word: This.

Why isn't this a real show?
Why isn’t this a real show?

And they raise imaginative play to an art form. A favorite recurring bit is their chat show-within-a-show, “Troy and Abed in the Morning” — complete with stools and coffee mugs — staged randomly in study rooms or their apartment (“Troy and Abed in the Morning: Nights”). I think it’s safe to say that it would be better than any TV talk show in existence.

Even their arguments are awesome. Witness the episode “Pillows and Blankets” from Season 3, where Trobed’s disagreement over whether to create the world’s largest pillow fort or the largest blanket fort led to a campus civil war that was filmed Ken Burns documentary-style. This is just the tip of a delightful iceberg that includes “Inspector Spacetime,” a riff on “Dr. Who,” Bert and Ernie impersonations, and the classic “Biblioteca” rap from Season 1.

Troy and Abed have cracked the code to joyful adulthood and, in each other, found the perfect partner to share it with. Who doesn’t want a relationship like that?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Troy and Abed

  1. I’ve got to start watching this show. We tuned in to the first episode because we’re loyal The Soup fans, and thought the pilot was pretty good, but we’ve never watched since. Please don’t think ill of me for it.


    1. The first season takes a while to build, but stick with it. Seasons two and three were brilliant. The current season, well, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not as strong as the Dan Harmon-era stuff, but definitely watch the first three seasons. Right now!


  2. They are my favourite characters on the show! I also adore the Dean because you know, the crazy.
    cderosby, all I can say is you have to start watching now!


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