Talia versus Shiva

There are many things that DC has been lacking these days, but the one that I lament over regularly is Lady Shiva. I made a point to read the issues of Nightwing where she made an appearance, and while she is portrayed as being plenty skilled … something about her is missing. There wasn’t enough exposition or cold-hearted philosophy of life that Gail Simone would write into the character. Also, that costume is atrocious.

For today’s versus fantasy, I imagine the Shiva of yore. The honor-obsessed, world-renowned, deadly assassin that can meditate herself invisible from a Black Lantern, and “may well be the best fighter alive,” so says Batman. Once the sensei for the League of Assassins, it is quite possible that she would have crossed paths with Talia al Ghul.

Since Shiva keeps tabs on those that have crossed her path, let’s say Shiva doesn’t find Talia murdering her own son in order to manipulate Bruce Wayne a particularly honorable thing to do. Perhaps Shiva once thought Talia’s thirst for power to be respectable, but now sees it for the Electra-inspired daddy-issue that it really is. Shiva might think, “What a waste.” She might even be offended. Let’s say Talia’s precious League still has loyalty to their sensei, and Talia is left with her man-bats and twisted wits. Talia being a highly-skilled fighter herself and a wicked genius; if Shiva wanted a battle to the death, then surely Talia would accept.

7 thoughts on “Talia al Ghul v. Lady Shiva

  1. Hm. I’m curious why some people think Talia has the edge here. From my understanding, isn’t Lady Shiva one of the best martial artists in the DC universe (after Karate Kid)? And I remember how Batman mentioned to Cassandra Cain once that not even he was able to best Shiva in one-to-one combat – save for that one time where Shiva was being mind-controlled by gorilla-guy. My money’s on Shiva. She’d totally wipe the floor with Talia.

    Also, if you have qualms with the way New 52 is portraying Shiva, avoid the new Beware the Batman series. As a whole, the series itself isn’t terrible, but the writers SERIOUSLY downplay Shiva’s abilities. Which is a shame cuz I’ve always wanted her to make an appearance in a cartoon network show.


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