One of the beautiful things about the comics industry is that many of the writers and artists are easily accessible to the fans. They take part in the discussion and share their work and insight on the varying social media platforms. They also spend time at conventions to promote their work, appear in panels, sign books and chat with fans. It’s really quite fun, especially for blogger-types like us.

This weekend Erika and I are heading down to Orlando for MegaCon, and I am almost losing sleep I am so excited. While the con itself is an enjoyable experience, at the heart of this immense anticipation is that our darling Gail Simone will be there. As I have stated maybe a time or two before, I heart her. Very muchly. Her Birds, her moxie and her all around good-person-ness has inspired me to read, write and dress comics. Erika loves her just as much as I do, and now we get to meet her.

Carlton Dancing

I will be cosplaying Black Canary again, and my mission will be to get a picture with Gail while I am in costume. Given our over-the-moon admiration of this woman, that would pretty much make my decade. Don’t be mad if that photo stays on the front page of this blog for like ever.

Erika is also thrilled that writer/artist Dan Parent will be in the house. He may or may not have singlehandedly rekindled her excitement about Archie Comics. Ya’ll know E. loves some Archie. A Manganiello-style meltdown … or two is not improbable this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep our fangirl composure and stay tuned for pictures and stories from MegaCon 2013!

13 thoughts on “Destination: Gail

  1. Okay, E and V I have to confess that I want to see a photo/ video of gif of you both doing the dance that Carlton is doing in the above gif!
    I KNOW that you are both happy and excited about this but I NEED to see that happy and excitement come to life! : )

    Again have a fabu and simply stellar time Chicas! : )


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