7 thoughts on “MegaCon 2013 Photo Gallery

  1. great pictures. Your Canary kicks so much ass. Love the jacket.

    I really love seeing all the gamer cosplay too. Bioshock? LOVE.

    Is that the same cosplayer doing both the retro and new Lara Croft?


      1. the 90’s Blue & Gold Scott & Jean, Mr. Freeze and the Black Mask, you and the Huntress, Twi-Flash (so sparkly), so many great pictures. Maybe in another few years when we get 2 kids out of the house, we’ll head down to DragonCon with Miss Izzy all cosplayed up.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!
    Everyone looks like they had fun and you and E look like you had the BEST time! : )


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