Heyyyy you guyyyyyys!

Sincerest apologies for the distress my latest hiatus must have caused all of you. I was, as you may know, in the process of moving around Brooklyn trying to find a lease at a decent place and we have finally secured one! The agony is over!

In other exciting news, I can officially confirm that I am the newest addition to the Midtown Comics team in Manhattan! I am super excited to be working for such an awesome place and will very soon be up to my eye skins in nrrd probz to share with all of you. Of course, if you have your own, you know where to send them.

Here are a few probz that have been lying around my inbox and making me feel guilty:

“Am I damaging my kids by subjecting them to geek culture early on in life?”

First off, apologies for paraphrasing your question so violently, but I feel like this is the core of the matter. And the answer is simple: No. No, you aren’t.

Don’t start thinking of yourself has some fascist dictator foisting your nerdery on your children. It’s just there, out in the open, for them to take up for themselves or not. It’s 100% their decision, and nothing you should worry about or try and blame yourself for. My parents passions when I was growing up were weekend boat trips, fishing, and pools. I guess you could say they were part of the Margaritaville crowd, or parrot-heads, if you will.. And look how I turned out! A pale-as-the-moon, beach-hating, bright-light-avoiding, indoor kid. My nerdy interests were not fostered by my parents, and so they developed slowly over time. If it had been an interest we shared, I’m sure my sense of identity would have been stronger because of it.

It’s natural to be concerned that your kids might have a harder time going through the motions of adolescence when their favorite movies are done by George Lucas rather than Michael Bay. You’ve been down that road, you know how rough kids can be. But listen, you are clearly a wonderful and supportive parent, which makes a world of difference when growing up. You are a nerd and have nerdy kids. That’s amazing! It gives you common ground, makes it easier to relate to each other, gives you a separate language to communicate with. As far as I can tell, it’s a pretty great situation.

So seriously, don’t worry about it. Your kids will like what they like no matter what you say anyway, right? That’s what kids do. You’re doing them a service by exposing them to such cool stuff at an early age, and cooler still that you encourage your son and daughters. Release your nerd shame and please accept this Father of the Year Award. *Applause*

“I have a hard time keeping up with floppies these days, and the trades always seem to pass by my notice. Is there a way I can more easily stay on top of things?”

There sure is! If you don’t have a committed relationship with a comic shop in your area, it is time to make one. Check to make sure the one you choose has subscription boxes, add the titles you want to keep up with, and the lovely staff will pull them for you each week! Pick them up at your convenience!

If you don’t want to bother with floppies anymore, you can also put in a standing order for the trades of any ongoing series. That way you won’t be rifling through previews every month to make sure you special order all the trades you need.

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