7 thoughts on “Amanda Waller

  1. Great character, fun sketch.
    I was pretty disappointed when I first saw the New 52 Amanda Waller. Her old look was so specific- you saw a short, plump, professional-looking woman and you knew it Amanda Waller. Now? She just looks like a model.


    1. I wasn’t feeling the revised look of Amanda Waller in the New 52 either. They made her into the mainstream idea of “pretty.” While not the most offensive choice of the relaunch – it didn’t make much sense for this particular character. Waller isn’t a superhero – she doesn’t need to be physically fit to do what she does. She’s calculating and ruthless. I don’t understand why they had to fit that into a pencil skirt. Another notch on DC’s homogeneity belt.


      1. I liked the “old” Waller too. In the comic world she stood out. She was different, and didn’t need to look like a fitness model to be powerful.


      2. I just watched Contact and I thought Angela Bassett looks very much like the new Amanda Waller then I remembered she played her in the Green Lantern movie. I really like Pam Grier’s portrayal of her on Smallville though. It’s much truer to the Amanda Waller archetype you celebrate here.


  2. This a nifty drawing of Amanda Waller, your art choices are always PRIMO CHOICE V! : )
    Amanda Waller has always been a character that I have ambivalent feelings about, I do not dislike her but I do not like her either.
    I hate that they revamped her into a model in the comics. Yes they did have Angela Bassette play her in the Green Lantern film and Angela Bassett is a very beautiful woman and a wonderful actor, but I found the comic book change of Amanda to be a big fail on DC’s part and just made me not care for the New 52 even more.


    1. Pam Grier played her on Smallville, also a stunningly beautiful woman … but she still nailed the essence of the character. At least actors can do that. No matter how they look, I think a good actor can be a character that they don’t immediately resemble.

      But in print, you can’t do that. We don’t have the luxury of movement or inflection of voice. And so … how a character looks weighs so much heavier. And apparently DC though Amanda Waller needed to be much skinnier.


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