Wonder Woman has been on my pull list for seven years straight. After reading Wonder Woman #20, I dropped it.

I don’t mention it in my review, but Diana was in only 8 of the 20 pages in this issue and she didn’t even make an appearance until page 5. When she does appear, her thunder is stolen almost as quickly as it appears.

I swear Brian Azzarello is mocking Wonder Woman fans.

I imagine him reading the bad reviews and angry tweets while stroking his beard and laughing maniacally. “You wanna talk shit about  me, eh? Watch what I do to your beloved princess.”

The thing is … Azzarello has done very little with the character apart from having her slapped on the assRucka’s Wonder Woman would have never been slapped on the ass.

My character loyalty has continued the support of this book for about a year too long. I refuse to endure another month of disappointment especially when there are many other female-led comics that are better.

Fatale is one of them. I reviewed that too.

14 thoughts on “V. reviews Wonder Woman #20 and Fatale #14

  1. Thank-you V and you as well E for speaking up and out about what Azzarello is doing and not doing to Diana. I stopped collecting this book at the start of the year because I just could not take it anymore. I hate that Diana is not even the protagonist of her own book, and I will say it again, they would NEVER do this to Batman or Superman. NEVER. For that I am glad but at the same time it makes me very very sad to see how Wonder Woman is snidely looked upon by DC.
    I will come back to Themyscria when Azzarello is gone.


  2. Snide is the key word here. I think Brian Azzarello is snide and sarcastic and arrogant. I think he has contempt for WW fans and probably for WW herself.


  3. Amen my sisters! Completely frustrated here in Texas about his wontan disregard for WW history or even a thread of care for her character and her fans. It is crazy making; for sure! My 16 and 11 yr old daughters have also thrown in the towel and we’re all quiet sad about it at our house. Thanks for reviewing other strong female characters I can introduce my girlies to… But in our hearts, WW will reign Queen always… I truly hope Mr. Azzarello goes away very very soon, but from what I’m readying that’s not the case. Such a shame… truly.


  4. I do not understand why this book continues to be praised, long after things went off the rails. I keep seeing things like, “Best Wonder Woman story EVER,” and I am genuinely baffled. The character barely exists in her own book. Am I crazy? Is it not glaringly apparent that Brian Azzarello gives less than two-tenths of a damn about Diana?


    1. Just who is writing these rave reviews?
      And what have they said about past WW runs?

      I to be honest do not get it at all either E. ; (


        1. I think that this version of WW is a “no-brainer” you do not have to think or care about her to read this comic. Everything is spelled out, her birth is simplified and non threatening now because she has a father, how scary/uncomfortable is it for some people to read a story about a woman having a child without the aid of a man? Amazons as peace loving women who know how to fight??!! No feminist types obviously hate men and wish to use them and kill them. She is not as powerful and as in control as she once was, Diana has no purpose she is just there, she is not even important to her own book, she is now the perfect “vessel” or conduit through which Azzarello can spew his disdain. The new readers can now put Diana into a comfortable box that they want, which shows a woman who thinks she is as tough as and smart as a man but in truth is really just kind of vapid and stupid. This new Diana/ WW is to me is now the most misogynistic character, and I mourn her loss. She is not even close to what her creator Charles Moulton did, not even close.
          Now if someone came along and did this same kind of jank to Batman and Superman there would be so much vitriol that we all would feel it, even if we did not read their respective books.


        2. Side anecdote that I promise will eventually lead somewhere. Years and Years ago, when the Authority was the fresh cool thing on the spinner rack, I remember getting into an argument about how unrealistic all the characters were. They fought, slept around, indulged in vices, and rationalized their homicidal and anti-social actions all from the same two dimensional point of view that implied that they were all really just communal ciphers standing in for the author’s viewpoints on “what is cool.” One of the things I pointing out in my reasoning was that fact that all the women in the title were constantly shown not just sleeping around, but usually having threesomes (or even foursomes.) and frequently these were random hookups. Every guy has this fantasy, so I wont knock it, but that is all that it is, a fantasy. It doesn’t really happen that often to either gender. For the most part, even the “ally cats” of the world tend to just sleep around with one person at a time.

          Man did I get attacked for that. A one sided flame war ensued as Fanboys en masse decided that I was just wrong, I should shut up, and one even “pitied me for not having women like that in my life.” (I am guessing the basement in his parent’s home was full off blow up dolls and magazines that never objected to each other.)

          Here is where this come around back to the topic. For every mature, well rounded, respectful person who reads comics, and wants to be challenged by the material they read, there are a hundred immature people who just want to read content that confirms their own shallow view of the world (age is irrelevant here.) Some characters, like Batman, can manage both because they don’t have gender equality issues built into their character, and they have built in hooks that are accessible to everyone. Who doesn’t want to put on a cowl and protect a corrupt city from the rooftops and swing down on a line and punch the Joker? (Immature) and what adult reader doesn’t want to see Batman outwit his opponents and portray the cool, all knowing composure of James Bond on his best day (the adults.) The two portrayals are complimentary. But then you have a dynamic female superhero like Wonder Woman and some readers want a Somewhat passive, impulsive, Fighting and F**king Machine in high heels (immature — “heaven forbid she wear pants!!”) and some readers want a Wise Warrior Princess (adult) and those are contradictory versions of the character. In the end, DC opted to go with a portrayal of Wonder Woman that appealed to more of their fan base. And the fan base is responding with enthusiasm because this is the first time they have ever been presented with a Wonder Woman that appealed to them.

          Just my own skewed vision. Maybe I am wrong.


          1. While that may or may not be true – this sentiment is dismissive of her existing fanbase, folks like myself. And if I understand you correctly, this OTHER fanbase that now loves Wondy – well they already have a ton of mainstream books catering to their fantasies. Just add Diana to the pile.


  5. I have not gone in to pick up my pull list since #20 came out, but I’ve been considering dropping WW (much to my own dismay) since the aforementioned ass-slap and more seriously after #19, which was awful. This has pretty much sealed it for me, since I was trying to hold out for it to improve.


  6. Soundly put Peter Lange. I think you are spot on in your assessment and your side anecdote illustrates it perfectly. Thanks ever so for sharing it.
    And all of it makes me a tad sad because I truly do loath this version of Diana, and I am angry because I no longer can enjoy or stomach her book.


  7. I too have been wanting to drop Wonder Woman, but I haven’t read a lot of Wonder Woman titles (except for Simone’s) so as a new comics reader, I just figured I was missing something. So I asked the IGN Assemble Facebook group (which has some great women in it but is mostly male) whether I should drop it and good number of them insisted that I keep it, which I find interesting. What do you think male readers see in Azzarello’s WW that we don’t?
    All in all, you’re right though – Fatale is infinitely better.


    1. I ask that question to the male readers I come across that do enjoy it – one said … “She seems so powerful.” And I just don’t see that at all. Apart from her being tricked or confused or unaware of what’s happening half the time – the rest of the time her motivations are external. The other male characters are driving her actions. Maybe, subconsciously, some male readers prefer Wonder Woman (a cultural icon of the feminine) to be “powered” by men and that’s why they see her as powerful or interesting because then it somehow relates back to their privilege and the status quo of comics.


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