I have been pretty tight-lipped about my specific thoughts on Man of Steel. That’s because I was saving it for this very podcast. Last night, Erika and I were guests on Stimulated Boredom. We got on about the brave Lois Lane, a sullen Clark Kent, Christian allegory and the collateral damage of the long-awaited Superman film. We had a ton of fun talking about it and hope you enjoy the show.

But, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, there are massive spoilers in our discussion. Gargantuan. We talk about every scene we can remember in explicit detail. While I really, really want you to listen now – see the film first if you haven’t already. We’ll be here when you get back.

CLICK HERE to listen to our Man of Steel review podcast.

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7 thoughts on “E. and V. talk “Man of Steel” at Stimulated Boredom

  1. LOVE this podcast. You ladies always nail it on the head. Thank you for sharing!

    V, I agree completely about pigeon-holing Superman into the Jesus role. That in connection with the American-power feeling you get, especially from the nostalgic scenes of Clark as a boy in Kansas, really denies the diversity of where Americans get their sense of empowerment.

    E + V: Lois Lane’s active role in the plot was maybe 70% satisfying enough for me as a female viewer craving strong female characters – I was relieved to not have to see her in a compromised, sexualized position. BUT, it really bothered me that after their kiss she said, “You know they say it all goes downhill after the first kiss.” I think it was 1. unnecessary and 2. that it made her character seem neurotic rather than giving her that moment to be an empowered, confident woman who is strong enough to stand beside Superman and totally own that role and that relationship. I’m not familiar with the canon, but as a modern viewer I was disappointed.What did you think about it?


    1. Now that you mention. I think I agree with your sentiment.

      When she said it, I don’t think I really got it. I had a “Huh?” moment, and they lept into destruction porn so rapidly that I quickly forgot it. But in hindsight, there are a thousand other things that Lois could have said that would have been more interesting. A missed opportunity to let the character shine.


  2. Late to the game as usual. Took me a while to see the movie. Since I am at work I can not get to the podcast. My main beef was they stole WW’s moral dilemma, to kill or not to kill. They are always complaing how hard it is to do a WW movie and they turn around and steal one of her storylines.


  3. Just found this site the other day and I enjoyed listening to this podcast earlier while at work. I’m in agreement that you guys should try to put your own podcast together one day. I’d download it.

    As for Man of Steel, I agree with a lot of the points the three of you made. I’ll go so far as to say that you guys were nicer to the film than I was, in a lot of respects. Part of me wonders if some of the fans are just so in need of Superman to do well and so want a DC Cinematic Universe that they’re overlooking a lot of the flaws in a very big but, in my opinion, average film.

    I suppose that’s not fair to say since some people probably really genuinely enjoyed the film. Still, I do get that sense every now and then when some call any criticisms nitpicking.

    Personally, Zack Snyder doesn’t impress me much. Goyer seems like a good idea man but doing a script basically on his own showed me that the Nolans were far better at it.

    While I certainly enjoyed moments of the film, I was left disappointed overall. Cavill was fine for what little they gave him. Faora was bad ass. Crowe was good save for his overuse as Mister Exposition. Krypton went on too long and the whole Codex plot was unnecessary. The Jesus thing was basically beaten into me throughout.

    Then there’s the action sequences at the end. That whole tentacle thing was unnecessary to me. The collateral damage was ridiculous. While a lot of damage was caused to Manhattan in The Avengers, Whedon at least acknowledged the damage and the toll on the people in numerous scenes. In Man of Steel, the people were basically ignored.

    I’m not at all partial to the Donner films but I will say that the whole notion of hope that is shown in the trailers for Man of Steel and mentioned in the film is never really shown. Snyder and Goyer said over and over that we would see how the world would react if Superman existed and I’m still waiting to see that reaction. All I saw was the U.S. military.


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