4 thoughts on “Lyra Belacqua

  1. I LOVE Lyra and the Dark Materials trilogy!
    For me she is better than magic trio of Rowling’s books all put together!
    She is a wonderful character, so full of passion, intelligence, depth, joy, fear, sadness, and strength. I love her and Pan!
    This is way nifty V! : D

    p.s. could you find one of Iorek Byrnison? I love him too! : )


    1. I am reading/listening to the third book now, The Amber Spyglass. I have been enthralled for the past couple of weeks with the series. It’s so intricately written!

      I will find a drawing of Iorek! Mission accepted.


      1. HUZZAH! : )

        If you can try to watch the film “The Golden Compass” they did a decent job of it and it is sad that they did not make the rest of the novels.
        Daniel Craig plays Lord Asriel, and the young girl that play Lyra, Dakota Blue Richards was charming and I felt had her energy and spirit, but I LOVED that Iorek was voiced by Sir Ian McKellan… his voice brought the power and regalness than I envisioned Iorek having.
        It is an amazing series of books very well written and plotted, it is beyond me why it is not revered like Harry Potter is, because for my money Lyra, Will, Serafina Pekkala and the various daemons are far more interesting and wonderful than Harry, Hermione and Ron.
        I think that I will re-read them! Thanks for the inspiration Vanessa and thanks ever so for accepting the mission! : )


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