Art by Jamie McKelvie
Art by Jamie McKelvie

How could I?

How could I not? It’s so fun.

Also, Hawkeye #11 (Pizza Dog!) and Young Avengers #6 (It’s a new story arc, ya’ll!) hits the shelves of your local comic shops today. I love the way Kieron Gillen writes Kate Bishop. And I am inexplicably excited about the second installment of The Hunger Games movies – Catching Fire. Why so inexplicable? I loathed the books. But that’s another post for another day. Today, Katniss and Kate go toe-to-toe, exquisite archer style.

Alright, we’ve got two archer extraordinaires who are about the same strength and build unless you count Katniss’s starvation factor. That would make her technically less physically strong. I suppose that could be offset with the tenacity that dying to survive brings. A healthy, punchy Kate versus a determined and hungry Katniss – who will make their mark first?

7 thoughts on “Kate Bishop v. Katniss Everdeen

  1. I find it amazing that after the success of the first movie, which centers on a strong female character, Hollywood still seems to think people “won’t be able to relate” to a female lead character.
    Maybe the only people who have that problem are the ones who are running Hollywood?


  2. Oh god…this is way harder than I thought. I love them both. I picked Katniss only because she’s been with me longer (I just learned about Kate Bishop when I started reading Hawkeye) and Katniss comes from a way harsher world than Kate. If it were a battle of wits, Kate would win all the way ^-^
    Also, if you’ve never seen Katniss in the BAMF Girls Club web series, it is the bomb:


  3. Damn that’s old, but whatever, I’ll necro it ^^
    I voted Kate, because she’s amazing and I didn’t really like the Hunger Games movies, even though the books where awesome. Other than that I think Kate’s training is superior and she’s just as determined as Katniss
    But I like to imagine they would not fight. They would go grab some diet coke, two pizzas and then go back to Kate’s place and chill. Maybe share archer tips, pet Lucky and just generally have a nice time ^^


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