An animated clip of Wonder Woman set to air this Saturday on DC NATION has made its way around the interwebs today … because it is BRILLIANT!

This version of Wondy is sharp, fresh and driving that beautiful car like a boss. It’s a little known fact about me, but I love those big engine beasts from the 70s. What I would give for a Dodge Challenger tricked out, Themysciran style. From the Wonder Woman emblem on the hood to the star-spangled rear complete with a Princess plate – I’d have as much swag as Diana does in this video. I am pretty sure I have a new goal in life.

While I am having hard time seeing through my hot-rod-googly-eyes, E. is enamored with this Wonder Woman’s retro, tress-tastic superheroic realness that fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay summed up perfectly:

“EPIC HAIR FLIP, BITCHES. Best thing you’re going to see today.”

It is.

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Wonder Woman’s Whip

  1. saw it this morning and YES it has given me life! i would love for this to take off and be an ongoing animated series. forget batman and forget the modern age. give me 70s wonder woman and a pam grier stylized phillipus as a sidekick and we are good to go!


  2. Seeing this 33 second clip almost washes the stench of what Diana has become during the new 52.
    To completely cleanse my mind, and taste palate they would have to make this an ongoing animated series show, and if they did that I would be in a state of bliss that would defy all my past bliss experiences!
    Yes I love this! : )


    1. i’ve only read one storyarc with nu’bia so never was a fan (or hater) of her. but phillipus is the first amazon to stand out to me mostly because she was the first black amazon i’ve ever seen and to have such a high ranking amongst her people was also impressive. i always liked her design and personality, and i can just see her rocking a “real world” version of her armor, some big black shades and a low ‘fro, always being the one to keep diana’s head cool and collected and shelling out some great battle strategies.


  3. so PISSED! Recorded Beware the Batman and the DVR cut off the end of this clip. Got her using the car door as a weapon and the two women threatening Wondy. Then nothing….


  4. Saw it last night, recorded from Sat. This video actually cuts a little off the beginning. I thought it was better than the Batman episode. Do you know how many of these are going to making up this mini episode? I am assuming there will be a battle.


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