It is the most glorious of the days of the week. That would be Wednesday, of course! Your thoughtful band of merrywomen here at G3 have decreed yet another list of comics that YOU SHOULD BE READING.

Some of the titles have made our lists before. That’s because they are consistently enjoyable. Image Comics is pretty much the mayor of that town right now with Saga, Fatale, Prophet, Mara, Morning Glories and Chew reappearing. And we have new affections for Lazarus, Ten Grand and Jupiter’s Legacy. But Marvel also has a few that we can’t stop loving. Fan-favorites Hawkeye, Daredevil and Young Avengers stand-out in the sea of spandex as exceptional. And more recently, Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel’s X-Men is making its own waves.

Apart from the finale of Batman, Incorporated (which I have been dying to read for years), there are some less lauded titles making an appearance this go round from DC. We’ve got Baltazar, Franco and Ig Guara’s The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires and Gail Simone and Freddie Williams’ The Movement. I chose those two, but for very different reasons. We close out our DC selections with another Batman title, but the cute kind in Lil’ Gotham.

Let’s not forget about Dark Horse. E. loves her some Star Wars (there’s Brian Wood, again) and Lindz lives for Akaneiro. The Husbands graphic novel gets a nod as well as Gerard Way’s return to comics with True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Killjoys is Lindsey’s pick, but I totally cosign on that one. The story is super cool and how can you not love Becky Cloonan’s art.

Speaking of Becky Cloonan, her self-published Demeter is breathtaking. I would kick anybody in the shins who said that comic art is low-brow and then hand them this book.

Honorable mentions go to the Marbles graphic novel, Yale Stewart’s always adorable webcomic JL8, Erika’s continuing love affair with Archie in Life With Archie, and last (and certainly not least), Gail’s character-rich Red Sonja.

So, on your way to the comic shop today, consider adding one of these gems to your pull list. If you aren’t quite convinced, ask us what you want to know in the comments section. We’d be more than happy to tell you why YOU SHOULD BE READING these comics! And if we missed anything – tell us that, too.

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17 thoughts on “Comics You Should Be Reading: Summer 2013 Edition

  1. I love and already read JL8, Chew and Life with Archie.
    I am getting started with Saga and I am looking forward to it.
    I gave up Morning Glories as it just struck me as trying extremely hard to be clever and different and that to me was a big failing, and I got to the point where I just did not care what happened to the characters at all.
    I will be on the look out for Lazarus because Greg Rucka is one of my all time favourites!
    I may give The Movement a gander because I do like Gail Simone.
    I did try Fatale but I just could not get into it, but I may give it another bash.
    Red Sonja just makes me pine for the Wonder Woman that I adore and would just be opening a wound.
    As for the others I think I will pass as they do not catch my fancy, but thanks for this list V, it was kind of you to compile it. : )


    1. Once you get into Fatale – it’s excellent. Brubaker is a master of turning cliche into intrigue. It’s just this fantastic noir horror tale that has all of these fiction tropes, but somehow it’s fresh. And the art is stellar. You can tell that the creative team has synergy on this book. Same kind of synergy that happens on Chew, Saga, Hawkeye and Young Avengers. That’s when a comic is really good.


  2. Great selections! Here are the ones that I am really enjoying and subscribe to, including some of your recommendations, in no particular order:

    Lazarus (incredible across the board)
    Hawkeye (I look forward to every issue…”Pizza Dog” was great)
    Batman (of course)
    Batgirl (of course)
    Superman Unchained (Jim Lee and Snyder, enough said)
    The Justice League (Trinity War arc just started)
    Justice League of America (see above)
    Astro City
    The Wake
    Batman/Superman (Jury is still out, but I want to see where it goes)


    1. I think I will check The Wake out in trade, but I am a fan of Sean Murphy, for sure. Have you read his Punk Rock Jesus? Straight up your alley, Dana.

      Keep me posted on how Trinity War goes. I’ll take the cliff notes on that one.

      And yes, Lazarus is excellent. Did you read today’s issue? Love how Rucka draws you in. And Lark’s storytelling in the art is just as powerful. Maybe my new favorite book.


  3. I’m reading exactly one of those — Green Team.

    No interest in DD, Hawkeye, or Young Avengers as the characters don’t appeal to me. I’ve tried various X-books over the last five years to find them impenetrable and incomprehensible.

    Not interested in The Movement in any way. Lil Gotham looks cute, but to me reeks of trying to be Tiny Titans, which I loved.

    I will have to look into the third party books you list, because the third party books I read tend to have titles like “GI Joe: A Real American Hero” and “Archer & Armstrong,” the former of which is just plain fist-pumping adrenaline, the latter of which I would recommend to any comics reader.


    1. And do you LIKE Green Team?

      I totally understand the impenetrable thing when it comes to Marvel. I felt that way too until I got hooked on Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. That series was a monster as far as multitude of characters and continuity references – but that’s how I cut my teeth in the X world. Everything else seems like a breeze since that. Well, Uncanny Avengers isn’t, but that’s by Remender, too. And I am not sure how I feel about that book.

      But I think you might like Lazarus. It’s only on issue #2 … so you could jump right in.


      1. I’ve read #1-2 of Green Team, and really dig it. Totally get what Artie & Franco are shooting for with it.

        I need to go to the LCS to pick up Masters of the Universe and Collider (there’s a pair of books…), so I will see if I can find Lazarus as well!


  4. I’m currently reading East of West and totally in love with it. Cosplayed as The Crow at SDCC and just really enjoying the story, the art and the coloring. The world is beautiful and the story is epic.

    Hawkeye has been great too.

    And I can’t finish this comment without mentioning how awesome Saga is and how amazingly NICE BKV was at SDCC. I’ve now finally started reading Y and Private Eye. I’m not sure I know anyone else reading Private Eye (the Panel Syndicate/Image Comics pay what you want comic).


    1. I have heard good things about East of West. I think Lindsey is (was?) reading it. I am probably going to grab that one in trade.

      I do know plenty of people reading Private Eye. I have bought the copies, I just haven’t read them yet. But that model of paying what you want for the comic garnered a ton of social media attention around the time of the first issue.

      Y: The Last Man is one of the best comics ever created.

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  5. List looks awesome!
    <3 goes to Captain Marvel and Saga

    though I'm not so sure about Morning Glories.. it's hard to even work out what 1/10th the stories about anymore.. dropped it awhile ago


    1. I feel you on Morning Glories. I have a love/apathy relationship with it. It just so happens that right now … I love it. Since about issue 22 or so … it’s become interesting to me again. But there have been times when I was so frustrated because of general lack of payoff. Like, how FAR down the rabbit hole is Spencer going with this??


      1. I’d reckon it’s one of those titles that reads better in trade.
        I’m certain it will pay out for you for sticking with it to the end! though having an idea where it would end finitely be nice too :)


        1. I myself was reading Morning Glories in trade and I gave up because like I said they were trying too hard to make this book/story clever.
          I just stopped caring what happened to the characters.

          p.s. V I am giving Fatale another try and I am liking it! :)


          1. I just read Fatale #16 earlier this evening, and it was brilliant. I am glad you are enjoying it. I think that Brubaker takes classic and often over-used tropes and makes the good in Fatale. Unlike Morning Glories, there is payoff in almost every issue … yet the story continues … because he maintains key points of mystery. And the consistency of Phillips art is undeniably gorgeous.


  6. A majority of these are on my A list and I love them. Young Avengers is hands down my favorite superhero comic right now. Mind the Gap, Rachel Rising and Revival are also excellent titles not found on this list. I’m reading Fabulous Killjoys and I’m finding it a bit impenetrable, and I feel stupid for not understanding it. Maybe it’s because I don’t listen to My Chemical Romance? VERY interested in Akaneiro though. I want to get into more Dark Horse comics but it irritates me that they won’t make their titles available on Comixology, nor do they have a Kindle app.

    The one that I dropped recently? Hawkeye. I know, everyone freaking loves this book, but I’ve read it from the beginning and I just do not get it. The Pizza Dog issue almost convinced me to keep it, but I know that one was a very different issue from the rest.


    1. I agree with you on Hawkeye. A beautiful book, sure. But apart from Kate’s moments, it didn’t do much for me. Besides, she’s great in Young Avengers.

      I love Killjoys, mostly because of Cloonan’s art, but also because it feels so different than anything else I am reading. I am not entirely sure what is going on either and I don’t listen to My Chemical Romance … but I enjoy that. I understand the impenetrable thing, though.

      I am so far behind on Mind The Gap. I need to get caught up. And at the time of the list, I was behind on Rachel Rising, too. But I am all caught up … and it is fantastic.


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