I have been so distracted by Joe Manganiello’s “growl” as werewolf Alcide on True Blood that I almost forgot how utterly captivating Tom Hiddleston is as Loki.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week, you probably know that Hiddleston served up some major fan-service at San Diego Comic-Con when he appeared in character in all his glorious Loki regalia at one of the panels. He had quite a bit of fun with the crowd. It is theatrics like this that make life worth blogging.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard while watching that video. But I think it is especially important to acknowledge Loki’s immaculate shushing. A moment of silence please.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki - SDCC 2013
Um. Yes, sir.

I am not the only one who was moved. This particular moment in Hiddleston’s Lokidom has sparked enough excitement to inspire this:

Loki Shh by dragonstomper48

And this:

loki laufeyson by teralilac

And then there is that god damned smile.


One more time.

Loki Smile - Avengers

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Tom Hiddleston as Loki

  1. I am so looking forward to his film with Tilda Swinton “Only Lovers left Alive” and I am now completely in love with him because he is going to be “The Great Escapo” in the next Muppets film. He is just the sauve coolness, with a large side of handsome and charm. : )

    Thanks for this post V!!!


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