Perusing Twitter is a bedtime ritual of mine and a general side-effect of smartphone addiction. But tonight I happened across something that made me get out of bed and blog. Our darling Gail tweeted this:

Therefore, I had the pleasure of watching this:

I may or may not have welled-up just a bit while watching that.

While I have been plenty irritated by the “fake” geek girl sentiment (Erika and Lindsey, too), I didn’t realize just how much it actually hurt my feelings. Then I thought back for a moment. There are so many small instances over the past 7 years when people have shamed me in some way for being into comics or didn’t believe that I knew a thing about them or thought I was ridiculous for dressing up like Black Canary or that I dressed up like Dinah to be provocative and not because I LOVE the character.

That stuff happens. Not all the time, but it does happen. Since I don’t do passive aggressive, just … aggressive. I speak up and defend myself or defend the validity of comics as art or spout obscure comic book continuity or explain the merits of Dinah’s character and why she wears fishnets.

Sure, it was my choice to react that way. But you know what?

I have nothing to prove.

THANKS to The Doubleclicks for “naming that puppy,” and contributing to this conversation in such a compassionate and clever way.

You can download the song and read the lyrics HERE. You can see The Doubleclicks original post HERE. And they’ve created a Tumblr of all the submissions they received for the video and for those who still want to contribute … HERE.

“There are no fake geeks, only real jerks.”

8 thoughts on “Geek Girls Have “Nothing To Prove”

  1. I have felt the sting of nerd judgment many a time (and rambled about it many a time on my blog), but I’ll be damned if I didn’t prove my love and dedication the Halloween I got a spinal tap. Sure I had horrible spinal headaches that made standing feel like the cruciatus curse, but I donned my fishnets all the same. Dinah would have done nothing less.


  2. The music is not my scene, but a good video.

    Of course, this is a message which geeks both male and female should embrace. I’ve had more than a few male and female anime fans outright laugh in my face for being a tokusatsu fan. I try to approach life and hobbies as an eclectic. If someone likes something you don’t like, ask them “Why do you like it?” and try to learn. If someone tells you that they don’t like something you like, ask “What don’t you like about it?” and try to see another POV. Use the diversity of opinions out there to GROW the hobby, not divide it.


  3. Nice song and video.
    I am beyond way tired of exclusion and elitism.
    Let us all just have fun, and be accepting!
    : )


  4. You said you welled up? I just started weeping. I can’t believe I’ve never actually seen this video. It was mostly positive, supportive and showed a bunch of women who are people just like me who love this stuff. AMAZING! I’m lucky to have girl geeky friends in my life, but this video made me feel like part of a community. Thanks for this post!

    Oh and I’m re-watching TNG episode as we speak and its always nice to get surprise Wil Wheaton.


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