Seven years is a long time for a character’s story to last under one writer, but that is how long Grant Morrison has been building up to his final chapter for Batman. I have read his entire run including Final Crisis and 52, and his Batman is the only Batman I currently like. I know. I know. Some love Snyder’s Bat, and I hear Layman does a stand up job on ‘Tec.

The truth is, I don’t like Batman as a character. He doesn’t interest me. What does interest me is Morrison’s writing most of the time. I particularly enjoy Morrison when he is writing DC super heroes because he digs into the well of continuity and weaves it together in the most absurd ways. That sort of thing is fun for me. His Batman has plenty of that. I mean … his use of Bat-mite in R.I.P!? C’mon. It’s pretty entertaining.

When the bloody relaunch happened, my biggest worry was that we would not get the Leviathan conclusion that he’d been talking about. Well, we got Leviathan. Some of it excellent, some of it lackluster. Much of it tweaked and adjusted to fit into the template of the “New 52,” but always with a toe in the pool outside of main continuity. DC shenanigans aside, we got our grand finale.

Batman Inc #13

It was OK.

I don’t know when Morrison wrote the script for this issue, but it feels like he is taking passive-aggressive jabs at DC with the dialogue. Quite frankly, I don’t mind if he is. If there is even an inkling of truth to my notion, they kind of deserve it. It wouldn’t be the first time one of his spandex operas had to be changed because of editorial and marketing. You know, general corporate whims. Of course, I could be off-base. Why would Morrison bite the hand that has fed him for so long? He is still writing the Wonder Woman graphic novel for them.

Whatever the case may be, I felt like some of the purity of his story has been lost along the way and the conclusion to Leviathan wasn’t all that it could have been … or even what it was meant to be.

I wrote a quick review of the issue HERE. If you read Batman, Incorporated #13, what do you think?

Also, Lindsey reviewed Akaneiro #3 and Adventure Time 2013 Summer Special. You can read her reviews HERE, too.

4 thoughts on “V. reviews Batman Inc finale, L. reviews Akaneiro & Adventure Time

  1. I found myself thinking about Batman, Inc #13 longer than I thought I would after my initial reading. This is coming from a Batman and Grant Morrison fan who spent his 30th birthday weekend in 2010 rereading his entire run (at the time). You’d think I would assume that contemplating anything he wrote was a given. Not in this case. And yet… I can’t stop thinking about it. Not that it’s perfect. You summed up my only real complaint about this book and Batman, Inc’s general direction since the DC reboot perfectly: “I felt like some of the purity of his story has been lost along the way and the conclusion to Leviathan wasn’t all that it could have been … or even what it was meant to be.”

    I will end on a positive note: I LOVE that Morrison did exactly what I thought he would by leaving plenty of avenues open for Damian’s return. Not just in this issue with the empty Robin graves and Ra’s Al Ghul’s room of Batman Baby Pods, either. A few issues back, during The Knight’s funeral, he had a character mention that there could be an open Lazarus Pit still left. While he did “kill” Damian, he left options open for a future creative team to bring Damian back without having to retcon or do continuity gymnastics around anything in Morrison’s own cycle of stories.

    Also, I’m super excited to do yet another rereading of the full run now that it’s complete.


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