Happy Wednesday, darlings!

I just wanted to show you guys some love because we’ve been kind of busy recently and therefore … not paying the best attention to you. In the spirit of good communication, I am here to tell you that Erika, Lindsey and I are going on a temporary hiatus from the blog.

Really, it’ll only be a few weeks.

Erika and I are so consumed with preparing for Dragon Con that it is taking up a bunch of time. Time that would normally be spent reading comics and then writing about them. It’s E.’s first time cosplaying, which is kind of a big deal, and we want to do it right. Doing it “right” requires the proper attention to detail and that takes time.

Then there is the going to Dragon Con, an almost week long affair of cosplaying, celebrating with friends, meeting geek-famous celebs and artists, taking tons and tons of pictures and coming up with tales to tell you when we get back.

Our enigmatic Lindsey is somewhere in Brooklyn being super cool. She may be waiting for you to share your nerd problems so she can answer them with the kind of wit and wisdom that can only be found in a comic shop … er … blog.

So, send her your geekiest inquiries! 

This tenacious trio will return sometime in mid-September with reports from Dragon Con, a fresh review or two and all of the answers to your NRRD PROBZ.

In the meantime, may the force be with ya’ll.