I know we are supposed to be on hiatus, but then the Internet lit up like a Christmas tree … on fire … doused with gasoline … when news broke that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Judging from Twitter and Facebook, many, many fanfolk are not feeling this idea. Like, at all. I haven’t seen this kind of social media meltdown since the 2012 Presidential debates.

Check out some of the best tweets. (By the way, the person who dreamed up the #BatFleck hashtag is a genius.)

It’s an understatement to say that people are passionate about Bats, so just about any actor would have been a magnet for scrutiny and criticism. But man, you’d think Affleck slashed people’s tires and kicked a baby seal. As someone who’s a tad burned out on the Dark Knight in film, I’m neither thrilled nor ready to take up a torch and pitchfork. I’ve said before that Jon Hamm, who is about the same age as Affleck, would be perfect. However, Affleck might do a perfectly good job.

Maybe there’s a silent majority out there that is similarly neutral or, dare we say it, even happy about this development. What’s your take? Is Ben Affleck the worst choice this side of George Clooney, or does he deserve a chance to occupy the Batcave?

13 thoughts on “Batman Poll: Affleck Apocalypse

  1. I am not a fan of Ben Affleck but I am totally willing to give him the chance to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. I look forward to see the film.
    As Vanessa said, I will save my Nerd Rage for Wonder Woman.


  2. I am with Hepburn. I am willing to give him a chance though he is not my first choice (i would never choose him over Jon Hamm) but who knows. I have spent all my nerd rage on WW already that I don’t have much left for Batman.


  3. My problem isn’t with Batfleck per se, the whole concept is such a bad idea that I honestly believe DC must be trolling everyone. How else can you explain making a sequel of a movie that major suffered from severe underdevelopment of practically every character(including Clark himself!) by deciding to shoehorn another major character who comes with his own supporting cast?? Not to mention the brutal irony of having a Best Director/Best Screenwriter Oscar Winner cast as a co-lead in a film directed and co-written by the guy who thought up Sucker Punch… Must be trolling


  4. One thing I like about the idea of a Superman/Batman movie is that it’s a way of introducing Batman without doing the origin again.

    As for Affleck, the funny thing about professional actors is that they can sometimes do more than the public imagines they can. I’ll wait for the movie to criticize his performance.


  5. I’m not impressed with Ben Affleck’s acting in general and don’t believe I have liked any movie he has ever been in. He may surprise us and then the nerds who were quiet during the meltdown will say “I told you so.” Or he may be much worse than we could ever imagine.


  6. I feel that they should go with unknown actors to play such iconic roles. Got nothing against Affleck but he had his chance to play superhero with Daredevil, time to give another actor a shot at the cape n cowl.


    1. I’m with you on the little-known actor/actress thing. They don’t come with the baggage of people’s pre-conceived notions, and would be good to see a fresh face. Ben Affleck certainly isn’t the first person who comes to my mind where Batman is concerned. Maybe not even the 10th. That said, I think he’s a solid actor who has the potential to do a perfectly good job.


  7. My only thing is that he CAN act, BUT, in recent times, it has only been in things that’s he’s written/directed/produced. So, he’s good when he does things for himself, but when he’s directed by others? Kinda not the greatest track record. I’m thinking this may be very unfortunate.


  8. Let’s see how it turns out before we burn him in effigy. Can’t be worse than Clooney. If it is, Alanis help him.


  9. I remember the flack surrounding Keaton and although I was not much in favor of a comedic actor playing a dark vigilante he did a passable job. He even did a sequel. Let’s give the man a chance. For me, it is really a matter of script and direction. Is it a good story? Was it depicted well on the screen? No amount of acting can make up for bad writing and/or bad directing. Yes, bad acting can screw up the other two though and that is what makes the actor important. For me it is the writing. I think Ben is professional and will certainly give it his best. Will it be good enough? TThat is what


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