I have cosplayed my beloved bird three times. My most recent adventure as Black Canary was at Dragon Con 2013 in Atlanta.

I have made minor adjustments to the costume along the way – most notably to the boots and my hair. The first time I cosplayed Canary, I wore high-heel boots. THAT was tough. It may have looked nice in the photos, but my feet were swollen for a week. Apart from the utter impracticability of it as a cosplayer, Gail Simone has stated that Canary wouldn’t wear heels – she’s a fighter. So, in an attempt at authenticity and mercy on my feet, I got flat-heel boots when I wore the costume for MegaCon earlier this year. They worked out pretty well.

Smallville_Huffman_black_canaryFor Dragon Con, I spiced up my boots a bit because I was starting to feel that ALL black was boring. I have seen other cosplayers use large gold metal pieces or yellow duct tape as the decoration on the boots. That embellishment is a signature of the Pre-New52 Canary, but I wasn’t really a fan of how that look translated in live costume. I took a nod from the Black Canary costume from Smallville, and used a yellow paint pen to color the straps around the top part of the boot. I think I found a nice balance of creating that identifier of the character’s costume without being tacky.

Now, I have been all about NOT wearing a wig. It gets HOT walking around the cosplay floor and I am already in fabrics that don’t breathe. A wig might be torture. A year ago, I dyed my hair blonde for cosplay’s sake. Now it’s an ombre blonde. I rationalize the ombre color because Dinah wasn’t a true blonde, and she would bleach her hair. That means she would have roots from time to time, but maintaining your roots is a pain. So, my ombre is a convenient homage to Dinah and happens to be in style at the moment.

Dying my hair was a big deal at the time, but I didn’t make the leap to bangs, too. I finally did it a few weeks ago, and I think they look pretty good. Another small nod to the comic version of the character … AND to Cynthia Rothrock for which Gail’s Canary was inspired by.

Canary - Rothrock

Speaking of Cynthia, that woman is a brick house. Not in the voluptuous kind of way, but in the kick-your-ass-with-her-muscles kind of way. I may have done lots of push-ups and squats to prep for this round of Canary.

It’s a simple costume, but I put a lot of thought and effort into it. It’s the cosplay way.

9 thoughts on “Black Canary Cosplay Gallery

  1. It is really nice to see how you have learned and made changes to your BC look over the years.
    Thanks for sharing this retrospective/progress report V.
    You looked really swift as BC and I think the bangs are ‘banging’. : )


  2. You look fantastic BUT, I would like to see a photo with you smiling. Dinah has fun sometimes. Still an excellent job and you had fun and as I said to “Nubia”, that is what this is all about.


  3. I would love to know how you made the actual body piece for the costume, I’ve looked everywhere and all sorts of materials


    1. Full disclosure – I bought this piece. I am currently working on making one – but I have a had a tough time finding a fabric I like. Once I do finish the bodysuit – I will share the process, pattern and fabric.


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