Time flies when you’re reading comics and before we knew it, summer was over. As the leaves change, so do our pull lists. And so, Girls Gone Geek has the latest and greatest comics YOU should be reading.

Unanimously, all three of us named Lazarus, Saga and Young Avengers as must reads.

Each title boasts brilliant story-telling and gorgeous art in every issue while all being very different kinds of comics. If you like depth and grit, grab Lazarus. If you are craving a fresh take on superheroes, Young Avengers will brighten your day. And if you just want to be engulfed by a comic, Saga can do that.

The comics that got two out of three votes are Trillium, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, CHEW and Red Sonja.

I instantly fell in love with Trillium. It has the same engaging spirit as Sweet Tooth. It’s futuristic, anthropological and the end of each issue leaves you intensely anticipating the next.

We’re nearing the end of Killjoys, so if you haven’t read an issue yet, be sure to get the collected edition. It’s a colorful, off-beat book drawn by Becky Cloonan. And you can never have enough of her art in your library.

Thirty-seven issues in, and CHEW continues to be fantastically funny and gloriously clever in the grossest kind of way. If you are way behind in reading the issues, there is a buffet of collected editions to choose from: trades, deluxe hardcovers and super deluxe hardcovers. (Note: Food puns are a must when referencing this comic.)

Red Sonja sees Gail being her glorious, spit-fire writer-self. It is clear that she loves this character because she pours that love into the dialogue and character moments delivering a barbaric dose of red-headed authenticity. It feels savagely right and kind of nostalgic, in a Secret Six kind of way.

The rest of the books on the list hold a sweet spot in at least one of our hearts. E. thinks you should be reading Nothing Better: No Place Like Home, X-Men, DaredevilHawkeye and Life With Archie. Lindsey suggests Batman: Li’l Gotham, Batman ’66Jupiter’s Legacy, and The Walking Dead. I round out the list with Rocket Girl, Rat Queens, Rachel Rising, Captain Marvel and Fatale.

Click HERE to download the list.

Do any of these comics make it into your stash every month? Want to know more about what makes these titles worthy of our pull lists? What’s on your list that didn’t make ours?

Tell us what WE should be reading in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Comics You Should Be Reading: Fall 2013 Edition

  1. read pretty much all of these titles save for life with archie, killjoys, fatale, hawkeye, any title that has batman in its name, walking dead and nothing better. that josie and the pussycats cover got me excited til i saw it wasnt their own title :(. i would suggest pretty much everything that has grimm fairy tales in the title from zenescope, all new fathom, coffin hill, cyborg 009, the occultist, brain boy, artifacts, witchblade, ghosted, uncanny, supurbia and suicide risk. these books are the best of the best


    1. Thanks for the suggestions!

      I thought about checking out Coffin Hill because I really enjoyed Inaki Miranda’s art in Fairest. I am not a big Zenescope fan in general, in the past I noticed a trend of hypersexualizing females and putting them in some demeaning poses across several of their titles. Although, I haven’t been following any of the books recently. Is that true for the Grimm Fairy Tales books?


      1. coffin hill was VERY good, the art alone is worth a pick up but the story is very engaging. i have notice a trend of recent first issues (like rocket girl) where very little is really given out which adds to the mystery but i can see how it can also be a turn off or frustrating to some. as for zenescope: im very in touch my sexuality and female power so it doesnt bother me but that has been a critique of the company. personally i think the women look fierce! this company is so made for me: all female leads and magic based powers, sigh. if you could only see the heroines i created for champions online lol but the stories out shine that. i would suggest robyn hood and oz (which just started) for a less sexualized look (remember rogue used to dress like this dorthy with her cutoff jeans back in the 90s). but the best series i ever read from zenescope is bad girls, an all female villanous team up with my fav characters baba yaga and venus. think sisterhood of evil mutants meet once upon a time evil queen goodness. just epic


  2. Pretty great list. I might add Collider … though I’m not sure yet if I love the execution as much as I love the concept behind it.


  3. I recommend Mike Carey (Unwritten) and Elena Casagrade’s Suicide Risk to everybody. I’m not usually into the revisionist superhero thing, but it’s a lot of fun.


    1. suicide is one of my favorite books. always on the top of my pile each week it comes out. reminds me a little of supreme power from marvel


  4. I am still really liking Fables & Fairest. I am waiting until the whole series of “Killjoys” is done. I really liked Umbrella Academy. I usually do not read a limited series until it has all come out unless it is one of the Big Two’s mega events that I am interested in. Have not started Red yet but, like you ladies, I love Gail’s writing and this is one of my favorite characters. I have enjoyed the take on Belit in the current Conan comic as well. One of my favorite prose Conan stories.


    1. Brian Wood does a great job on Conan. And I feel like Gail is really in her zone with Sonja, and you just know she’s having a good time writing her.

      I still read Fables, too. But with such a long-running series – it’s sparkle ebbs and flows. I gave up on Fairest. I read it thru the Rapunzel arc and then I dropped it.


  5. Great list as always! I’d add Sex Criminals based on the strength of the #1 issue (which is all that’s been released to-date). Also, the past few issues of Fearless Defenders have been super fun.


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