After a lifetime of reading Archie comics, I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to a burning question. And no, it’s not “What does Archie have that has kept two women on lock for 70 years?”

I want to know why Betty Cooper keeps dealing with Veronica Lodge.

Maybe it’s a case of keeping one’s enemies close, but only a masochist would consider Riverdale’s resident diva a “best friend.” Despite decades of being backstabbed, insulted and schemed against, Betty continues to play nice and dismiss Veronica’s behavior as the antics of an insecure, poor little rich girl. Veronica usually gets a comeuppance of some sort, but only after leaving Betty with third-degree burns.

The evidence that Veronica is one of the worst BFFs in the history of comic book friends is overwhelming. How about:

1. That time Veronica body-shamed Betty.

Afterlife With Archie #3 panel

2. The 250th time she said Betty was poor and common …

Archie Digest #88 panel

3. When she beat Betty in tennis, gloated and said the girl was a loser …

Betty and Veronica Double Digest #14 panel

4. That time B. and V. magically turned into guys (this happened) and “Ron” came off the sidelines to tackle “Billy” during a game in order to impress “Archina …”

Arche #636 panel1

… And was a bitch in the cafeteria.

But seriously, how cute are Archie and Jughead as girls?
But seriously, how cute are Archie and Jughead as girls?

5. When she paraded Archie past Betty’s house like he was a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon.

Little Archie Comics Annual #1

6. The time she said this.

Archie Andrews Where Are You #10 panel

7. When she admitted that treating Betty like dirt was her hobby.

Jughead with Archie #25 panel

And that’s just from a handful of comics I grabbed off my shelf at random. Just once, I’d like to see Betty go off, HBO-style, on her BFF. What’s it going to take? Archie Comics has been taking a lot of risks lately, so let’s make this happen in 2014. Please, and thank you.

17 thoughts on “Proof that Veronica Lodge is the worst best friend ever

  1. That would be something to see. Have read Archie all my life, but when you gather these all up in one spot it really shows just how terrible a person Veronica is. Maybe Betty sees something in her that none of us do.


  2. I have always wondered that myself E, just why does Betty stay friends with Viper Lodge?
    But then I realized that Betty is the ideal of what we should be want to be want to date and Veronica represents what we are, think is important,should never be,should never want or date. On the rare occasion Veronica gets told off by her father about her abysmal treatment of Betty, but it really needs to happen more often. The interesting thing is Veronica NEEDS Betty because without her she has no friends to speak of, but Betty does she is buds with everyone and everyone adores her. What I never got is why Archie lets Veronica pull her jank on Betty? But I’d like the Life with Archie because in both worlds Veronica learns to be a better person. Oh and in that series I actually like Betty with Reggie, for he sees what a treasure she is and was all along.
    Maybe we should start a petition and ask the Archie folks to give Betty not just a day in the sun but a whole book?!
    Still love Betty and Veronica though because they introduced me into the wonderful world of comic books. : )


  3. Great set of caps of Veronica being, well, Veronica. Why does anyone put up with her crap? If she was nuts, at least you could apply the “psycho chicks are great in the sack” principle, but she’s just plain cruel!


  4. She’s just plain awful. With friends like that, who needs an arch-enemy? Not being a regular reader, I’ve got to wonder what type of person Archie is to be attracted to someone like that, who treats not just anybody but the woman who’s one of their mutual best friends and another of his romantic interests. What a jerk.


    1. That’s what makes Betty, well, Betty. Someone my grandmother would have said “Has a good soul”. Frank Castle should have had a long talk with Ronnie when he visited Riverdale.


  5. Hi Erika, loved the examples you chose! Veronica has always been my fav Archie character, similar to how Santana is a fav Glee character and Quinn was the best Glee character when she was mean. It would be amazing to see Betty go off! I wonder if there was ever an Archie arc where Betty and Veronica magically switched personalities?


  6. —-i always think its so funny how so many people hate on veronica but dont do the same with reggie—even though hes the douchebag supreme of archie comics—i think it has something to do with boys not needing to be as nice as girls—-


    1. Oh people who read the comics do dislike Reggie, I always did and so did my friends who read Archie comics. Reggie is not the best friend or friend of anyone in the book he is disliked by almost everyone in the book they seem to tolerate him. Also he is not part of an iconic duo like Betty and Veronica are or part of a main love triangle, yes Reggie does try to come between Moose and Midge but that usually always ends with him get clobbered by Moose and it is not a main love story in the books.
      Veronica calls Betty her best friend and constantly treats her rather terribly despite the fact that Betty is her only real friend all the other girls in Riverdale just tolerate her. Granted one does have to wonder why Betty call Veronica her best friend and why she takes her jank and barbs.
      I do like the Life with Archie series with Betty and Reggie dating, it shows that Reggie is a better and more mature person, and he says it is Betty’s influence.

      Reggie is not a main character but a supporting character who acts as an instigator.
      Betty and Veronica are main characters and supporting characters who act as foils to each other and love interests to Archie.
      I do not think it this case it is about boys being allowed to be mean and girls not, but that is often a trope. :)


      1. Reggie doesn’t get as much hate as Veronica does, though. And he is friends with the other main characters; he just treats them “rather terribly,” the same way (as you point out) Veronica treats Betty. And, he is a main character. He had his own solo title long before Veronica did.

        Sexism isn’t the only reason he gets less hate than her, but it is a reason. We still live in a world where girls are judged more harshly for being mean than boys are.


  7. I was a long time Archie reader growing up, and have always been interested in the dynamics and the messages these comics sent to their young readers. Being raised in a very woman positive household, I have always especially questioned the ones between Betty and Veronica, and the messages it sent to their young female readers. Yeah Veronica was a selfish horrible character most of the time, but there is always an opinion I’ve always held that Betty was a horrible role-model as well. Someone wrote an article this month for The Walrus that pretty much mirrored my thoughts and caused me to go searching for Archie related articles online and end up here:

    “Betty is loyal, honest, and essentially decent, and these qualities account for the fact that she is fundamentally better liked by the readership than is Veronica. She is the ideal girl next door. And Archie’s failure to recognize her many charms is his greatest failing. Right?
    Betty Cooper has everyone fooled.
    The truth of the matter is that Betty Cooper is one of the most misunderstood characters in the history of the American comic book. While she may not be as snobby and self-involved as her rival, Veronica, Betty is conniving and opportunistic.”

    At the very least as far as chasing Archie around was concerned, Veronica knew she could play Archie like a fiddle and held a degree of power of him. Betty was depicted as weak in a way that I don’t even think makes it easy to feel sorry for her character. Of course at the end of the day this (link below) should have been how everything went down, but I have never been sure that Betty Cooper is such a great character herself.


  8. The way I have always interpreted their relationship is that they actually care very much for each other, but Veronica is trying to get Betty to stand up to her. Admittedly because V thinks she’s the toughest there is, and if Betty can stand up to her she can do it to everyone else. The wording or their interactions give me that impression. Even in your first example, the jab at Betty in the end feels like Veronica just want to hear a yes or a no without excuses. It’s still mean, but I read more into it that just that.
    But the problem is that it never evolved passed this point. Their personalities never moved forward much. Too bad.
    That being said I could be looking at this with rainbow glasses ^^


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