There’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the release of Ms. Marvel #1 featuring a new title character, Kamala Khan. Kamala is a 16 year-old Pakistani-American, Muslim geek girl who loves the Avengers, fantasizes about being super and just wants to fit in with her peers.

G. Willow Wilson knows her way around this teenager’s brain and delivers an endearing look into Kamala’s world, drawn beautifully by Adrian Alphona. The first few pages are beaming with sincerity, perspective and  delightful characterization that make Kamala and her friends instantly relateable.

For all the ways this character’s culture might differ from some, her experience of wanting to belong in the world and still be herself is very much the same. And for all the kids with immigrant parents or a different religion than their friends or brown skin – Kamala is a promising protagonist, a positive mirror in the media.

With a most thoughtful debut, Ms. Marvel #1 is worthy of your pull list. But even more impressive, it’s worthy of your daughter’s pull-list.


Ms Marvel by Jamie McKelvie

9 thoughts on “Kamala Khan Day!

  1. Looking forward to it. Being an old comic geek, I remember when the first Ms. Marvel was introduced. I am from a very rural area and some of the comments concerning the Ms. prefix was very amusing at the time.


      1. I said I MAY have to. Meaning maybe, I still do not care for 90% of Marvel’s Supers.
        But this is what it took and it took them long enough. ;)


  2. There is a nice article in the LA Times dated 4/2/14 concerning this title and it’s creators. I read the hard copy (yes, an actual newspaper) but I know they have a good website entitled Hero Complex that probably contains the article. Look it up if anyone comes back to this posting!!!!


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