With Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang officially departing the Wonder Woman book this summer, our favorite Amazon is ripe for reassessment and, one can always hope, redemption. According to Bleeding Cool, Meredith and David Finch will take over writing and illustrator duties respectively.

Of all the issues G3 has had with the current run, Chiang’s exceptional art wasn’t one of them. Given the many conversations that have taken place about how female comics characters are drawn (See: The Hawkeye Initiative), the fact that DC is putting its marquee superheroine in the hands of an artist whose style skews cheesecake is a letdown but, at this point, not surprising. Having never read any of Meredith Finch’s work, I am keeping an open mind. Simply making the stories about the title character would be an improvement.

After V. and I reached our individual breaking points with the current state of Wonder Woman, we started talking about the times when creative teams got Diana absolutely right. In the spirit of being constructive, we decided to share some shining moments that captured the Amazon princess as she should be. We’re calling it our “Wonder Woman Is …” series, and in the case of The Brave and the Bold #33, she proved to be a boss, a friend and a lot of fun.

Putting aside J. Michael Straczynski’s troubled “Odyssey” narrative, he brought his Wonder Woman A-game with this wonderful self-contained story. We got to see several sides of Diana, first as a total rock star daring a bad guy to do something stupid after she hogtied him with her lasso.

Brave and the Bold #33-panelAnd then she cracked a sly joke with Zatanna.

Brave and the Bold #33-panel2

And then she headed out with Zee and Barbara Gordon for a night on the town to – gasp! — cut loose and have a good time.

Brave and the Bold #33-panel3

Some readers described it as cheesy, but I loved the idea of her doing “Single Ladies” karaoke with her girlfriends, complete with put-a-ring-on-it choreography.

Brave and the Bold #33-panel4

This was a special occasion that also displayed Wonder Woman’s compassion. She and Zatanna knew that in the not-too-distant future, the Joker’s bullet would paralyze Barbara in the events of “The Killing Joke.” Despite their genuine sadness, they rallied to give their friend and fellow heroine a night of joyful memories in high heels. The story also had some mighty lovely art from Chiang, whose visuals matched the story’s blend of poignancy and fun.

A well done single issue can say plenty about a character. The Brave and the Bold #33 gave readers a well-rounded Wonder Woman who was confident, kind and even a little surprising. That’s the Amazon I’m looking for.

7 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Is …

  1. Great post, Erika! I loved Cliff Chiang’s art on this title so much. I didn’t know he’s leaving it and now I’m so bummed! I hope Matthew Wilson keeps doing colors, because his (especially in #27) are gorgeous. I’m not familiar with Meredith and David Finch — have you read anything they did that you liked?


    1. I treasure this issue! I haven’t read anything by Meredith Finch, though I have seen David Finch’s work. Um, his style is not my favorite but perhaps there will be a kickass story. I am willing to be persuaded.


  2. I love that B&Bmissue! It is one of my favourites and it is an example of the Diana Wonder Woman that I so sorely miss. Thanks for this trip down halcyon days lane!
    As for Azzerello leaving I say HUZZAH! Regarding Chiang leaving I am not upset because his art work, which I did not really love, could not make me put up with the new 52starter run which I just loathed. I am not thrilled that some person known for cheesecake is taking over, if they were going to go that way why not Adam Hughes who knows how to do cheesecake but without the sexist formage? But at this juncture I am just happily celebrating the departure of that “A” person as my favourite Aunt use to say “Happy Riddance”!
    I hope that you will share other Wonderful Wondy moments!
    Thanks for posting this E! : )


  3. It will be interesting where the new team will jump on. I am assuming all of this will be taking place after the current storyline in the Sup/WW book. How difficult will it be to bring her title book into current continuity? Will the new team adhere to the new 52 origin? Hoefully a new age awaits us.


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