You know how much I love crossovers, right? In last week’s issue of Superman/Wonder Woman, the Superman: Doomed arc dominated its pages and not really in a good way. As is the case almost all of the time in a crossover event, you are missing key pieces when you don’t read all of the titles in order. So, there was that. But the thing that really bugged me was how Diana’s Amazon sister (and friend), Hessia, totally lied and betrayed her.

Can we get a positive portrayal of an Amazon? If not positive, then maybe just one with integrity. I might be OK with these women having so many vices if when they displayed them it was for more than a plot device. No depth. No authenticity. Not interesting.

Diana is the only character that feels whole in this issue, and I stand by my previous assertion that Charles Soule does a fair job with our Princess. There’s just a lot going on with other characters, so we don’t get as much of her as I would like. Also, I abandoned the Lantern books a while ago, but when did they started drawing Guy Gardner like Axel Rose? He’s a military guy. It’s weird. Anyway, you can read my full review HERE.

What do you think?

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