The First Image Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman

Here she is, folks!

The First Image Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.Straitened Circumstances, Tim Hanley on Wonder Woman and Women in Comics

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman via Newsarama

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17 thoughts on “The First Image Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman”

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! our girl is coming to the big screen. those heels, that hair, Gal looks FIERCE! WORK! i literally cried when i say this picture. did not expect it today at all, was only hoping to hear what movies dc would be releasing including a wonder woman solo but this blew my mind. so so HAPPY!


  2. I think the fairer question is, “why was Wonder Woman ever cast in a spinoff of ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’?”


    1. Which is a HUGE problem for me, that audiences have become so unfamiliar with Wonder Woman that they think she has anything in common with Xena. I blame Kingdom Come, but even Perez shares some guilt in this.


      1. I for one like the subtle colour scheme. I find that Synder tends to go for the fantastic in a realistic world. The only reason some expect Superheroes to be wearing primary colour placards is because of the colour palette initially used when comic books came out. Real life heroes such as, soldiers,firefighters, police officers, and EMT’s do not wear loud bold colours, maybe reflective but not loud. To be honest if I wanted shiny primary colours and spandex I would watch Marvel superhero films, and I don’t. And unless they give a good reason why WW is wearing “Ole Glory” on her body, like Geroge Perez did when he revamped WW, then she shouldn’t be for WW is not supposed to be American, she is Themyscrian, and again if I wanted to see that I would watch Captain America, but I don’t and won’t.


        1. I like Perez’s take on the origin too. I was referring to the classic costume which is, regardless of where she’s from, based upon the design of the American flag. I agree with you in that her origin could stand to be more worldly, but my comment about the color palette and design isn’t just my preference, it’s based upon her classic (and recurring) uniform over the years. Not meant as a slight or an invitation for you to watch Marvel movies (which I know you’d never do).


          1. I should amend what I said about watching Marvel films. I will watch Blade, ( I JUSTLOVE THE FIRST FILM!), I will watch Spider-man (because I grew up watching the various cartoons) and I may go see Guardians of the Galaxy because it feels different. But I will never watch another Iron-man film ( the first was okay, the second was ridiculous I had to stop watching it and the third one I avoided) The Avengers ( they do not interest me in the least and the only Avengers I love being a Brit are Steed and Mrs. Peel). I watched the first Thor film because of the the broohaa of the racist jags who were upset about Idris Elba playing Hemidale, but I did not watch the second one because I was not interested ( not even the handsomeness of Idris or Tom can entice me.) And Captain America has never interested me so I will not watch any of his celluloid or digital adventures. I will watch a Marvel film if they do a Power-man, Iron-fist, Misty and Colleen, Heroes for Hire film ( I would love for Quentin Tarantino to direct that, I feel he would get them) or a Deadpool film, because they would be the coolness and Deadpool makes me laugh. : )


    1. Where this is her introduction, maybe she’s not officially a “hero” yet, just a warrior from Themyscira showing her face to the world for the first time. It’s not a uniform yet, just her standard body armor. The costume is yet to come. I love this look. I think this armor with the Ol’ Glory repaint (and maybe a cape?) is going to be staggering on the big screen.


      1. I’m with you on this. This is probably her island garb. She could possibly update (?) later on. Not that I favor the classic but i would like to see a little more color & brightness. All in all, she looks the part.


        1. We do not know at what point of the story this image takes place. This could be her outfit. This is OUR first image of her not necessarily her first image in the film. Movies are not filmed in chronological sequence.


          1. I was only agreeing it was probably island apparel, not at what point the image appears in the film. As for how a film is created it depends on the director. Some directors do film in chronological order, some film according to actor’s schedules, some by “feel”. Usually there is no set procedure how to create a film once it is in the director’s control. Good directors are artisits as well, although some actors would argue that point as well.


          2. ray you missed my point completely, and it was not necessarily addressed to you. Is it because my comment falls directly under yours that you thought it was? It is the format of this blog that comments from the public line up like that. My previous one was not addressed to you but this one is.
            Like I said we do not know at what point of the film this image takes place, meaning that this could be her WW outfit for the whole film everyone seems to be waxing lyrical that there is going to be some big costume change, Zack Snyder seems to favour muted colours and cool tones, this WW outfit that Gal Godot is wearing falls in line with his artist purview. Also all of the directors that I know and know of do not film in chronological order. This is due to costs, sets and time. Some may but most do not. Pax.


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