In a previous post, I provided ample evidence that Veronica Lodge is the worst best friend in comics. I also issued a plea for Betty to, once and for all, tell that backstabbing, entitled heifer where to go after decades of this nonsense. She finally did, and it was fantastic. (Spoiler Alert)

Here’s the setup: In Afterlife With Archie #7, the group of survivors who have so far eluded zombies are traveling back roads and woods to get to the Centers for Disease Control. Along the way, Betty has been keeping a journal in order to remember her life before Riverdale descended into hell. She’s also grown closer than ever to Archie … and Veronica has noticed, despite their attempts to hide it.

Finally, Veronica asks this question:


And Betty says this:


It’s not just a rock star moment for Betty. This gets my vote for one of the most satisfying moments in comics in recent memory and one of the best panels of the week.

You can read my review of Afterlife With Archie here and my general love letter to that comic here.

7 thoughts on “Panel of the Week: Betty Grows a Spine

  1. Sorry but I think Betty is bland, sappy, and needs to get over her moral high horse. Why is Veronica a heifer when she weighs exactly the same as Betty? If you think one girl is fat, then they both are. It’s a nasty judgment call on your part anyway. i’ve found most Betty fans to be hypocrites that identify with the “nice girl” only to sneer at other women and make petty remarks, because heaven forbid another girl be prettier or more popular, she must be a bitch. *eyeroll*


    1. Well, to be fair, even many of the writers who’ve worked on these comics have said Veronica is a spoiled brat who often mistreats Betty purely because of wealth. That’s not just reader perception. It’s part of her character. That said, it doesn’t mean she has no redeeming values. She and Betty have had some fun adventures together.


  2. What does Betty’s response even mean? “You need to check your privilege.”
    I have never heard anybody use that expression before. Is it even an expression?


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