Do you remember Nonplayer? How could you forget?

Well, it has been four years, so I will refresh your memory.

In 2011, Nate Simpson released the first issue of what is planned to be a six-issue series about a girl who spends most of her time in a “full-immersion” virtual reality game called “Warriors of Jarvath.” The comic is exquisitely drawn, and the story is totally engaging. It was a huge success, critics and fans were effusive.

If it was so awesome, why haven’t we seen a second issue?

The thing about Nonplayer is that it was never meant to be a monthly comic. The level of detail in each panel is remarkable, and given that Simpson is the sole creator on the book – that kind of art takes time, especially when “life” gets in the way. Make no mistake though, Nonplayer is worth the wait, and that wait is over.

Nonplayer #2 will go on sale in June, and Image Comics is reprinting the very hard to get, Nonplayer #1. By the way, the cutoff date to order that is TODAY! Call your comic shop right now and give them Diamond Code APR150543. While you’ve got them on the line, tell them to order issue #2 for you, as well. I’ve had the pleasure of reading it, and it is just as gorgeous and interesting as the first, if not more.

Oh! One more thing. I interviewed Nate about Nonplayer. Go to HERE and read itafter you call your comic shop. You’ll thank me.

Nonplayer #1 poster

What do you think?

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