Sex Criminals and Howard the Duck are obviously comics done by a creator with a sense of humor. I can actually vouch for that humor because I ran into him at HeroesCon last year, and he’s a delightful goofball. I am talking about Chip Zdarsky, and when he announced his book Kaptara at Image Expo – he declared it the “gay Saga.” You know the comics blogosphere latched on to that phrase. It’s catchy and Saga is the golden child of comic books right now. So what would a “gay Saga” be like?

I don’t know, but Zdarsky was being obviously flamboyant with his choice of words because Kaptara is something else. The protagonist, Keith, is in fact gay. That’s cool or whatever. As for Kaptara, it is sort of a slapstick Star Trek or a “Galaxy Quest spin-off.”

You can read my full review HERE. I have mixed feelings, but I am sure of one thing – Kagan McLeod’s art is actually quite fabulous.

Kaptara ship


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