Ho, ho, dear readers.

This year we here at G3 have set out to make your holiday shopping a breeze. And by breeze we mean Baybreeze, because we’d all rather be somewhere warm with one of those in hand than scrolling through endless webpages in our cold houses, looking at gifts for undeserving friends and spouses.

Below you’ll find our recommendations on everything from books and games to prints and pins. We assure you, they were very carefully curated throughout the year and not at all a list of things we saw online today and wanted for ourselves.

These babies should have you covered on everyone from your mother (Lab Cocktail Kit), to your best friend’s toddler (Lab Cocktail Kit), to your boss who is almost certainly a werewolf (May we suggest… a Lab Cocktail Kit).

Happy shopping, nerds.


KIDS (and a teenager)

King of Tokyo Game by IELLO
King of Tokyo Game by IELLO

I would have said that this is the most fun you can have during a dice-based game without gambling, but I played Threes the other night and lost seven dollars, so actually, King of Tokyo is a way better game. Check out all those awards on that box! They’ve got to mean something.

Space Dumplins Hardcover by Craig Thompson
Space Dumplins Hardcover by Craig Thompson

I’m hoping everyone reading this is already familiar with Craig Thompson from his previous graphic novels Blankets and Habibi, not only because they’re astonishing works but because then I probably wouldn’t have to try to sell you on this, his most recent book, because you’d already know that he’s one of the biggest talents in the industry, and surely this comic will be amazing.


Rookie Yearbook Four Edited by Tavi Gevinson
I wish I had a blog like this to read when I was a teenager, but the Internet was just a toddler then. This is a collection of the year’s best content from www.rookiemag.com.



Comic Subscriptions & Small Press Books

Maybe it’s an exaggeration to say that small press is BOOMING right now – I don’t know, I don’t have the numbers. But various independent publishers are certainly doing amazing things right now in the world of comics, and some of them are even offering handy dandy subscription deals so you won’t have to put any additional effort into keeping up with the coming year’s catalogue. Definitely check out Frontier, as seen above, as well as Retrofit and Oily Comics for excellent, affordable books.

High Crimes Hardcover by Christopher Sebela, Ibrahim Moustafa
High Crimes Hardcover by Christopher Sebela, Ibrahim Moustafa

I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Sebela at his table as I strolled through HeroesCon last year. He had some limited-edition printings of his comic, High Crimes. It was a collection of the first three issues that had been previously released digitally through Monkey Brain Comics. I read it, and LOVED IT. This year, the (smart) powers that be at Dark Horse collected the series in hardcover. It is an excellent mystery comic and a great girl story.

Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine Paperback by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro – For the feminists (and the misogynists) in your life.
See You Next Tuesday by Jane Mai
See You Next Tuesday by Jane Mai

Jane Mai is a killer cartoonist who describes herself alternately as “a blonde summer child with no brains and no ambitions” and “a crybaby shitlord with a poor grasp of reality.” She talks about food a lot, which of course is a plus, and this collection of strips is an overall hilarious glimpse into the life of a real adult baby living in New York.



wadaprintKevin Wada Art Prints
I mean, come on. Look at that print. I want to hang a tastefully matted copy on my wall AND whisper “foreverrrrr” as I get it permanently inked into my body. There are also Pokémon and Sailor Moon prints. Need I say more?



Lab Cocktail Kit
Let’s be real – it wouldn’t be the holidays without some a lot of eggnog or wine spritzers or vodka that your grandma is trying to pass off as water, but there is clearly a cocktail onion in there. Enter this gift, the perfect blend of novelty and portion control. Tiny Manhattans for everyone!



Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition. "Be a pro at cons," it says. Best tagline ever.
Bag of Holding – Con-Survival Edition. “Be a pro at cons,” it says. Best tagline ever.
Bitch Planet Leggings when that wrist tattoo inst quite enough.
Bitch Planet Leggings when that wrist tattoo isn’t quite enough.



Big Bud Press Pins & Patches
It’s a travesty that only one example is pictured here, but I was too lazy for Photoshop today. Big Bud Press launched just this year, but the company has already put together an enviable collection of patches and enamel pins, including collaborations with awesome artists like Lisa Hanawalt (pictured), Leslie Hung, and Daniel Zender. There is a helluva lot of great stuff available, like their current benefit pin. “50% from each pin sold will be donated to Fly Pups— An organization dedicated to transporting dogs from desperate situations to non-kill shelters, foster, and forever homes! Fly Pups also aids in the transportation of service dogs trained to aid US veterans in need who have suffered from PTSD.” Rad.

Literally anything by Lucy KnisleyLiterally anything by Lucy Knisley
Lucy Knisley is the great equalizer. Fans of comics, fans of novels, fans of cookbooks, travelogues, art, whatever! They can all agree – Knisley is a champion of auto-bio, and a joy to read no matter what your literary preferences. Into and/or interested in cooking? Relish has you covered. Love to travel or just read about it? An Age of License is here for you. And for those just looking to be hit hard with the realities of life and the feels that accompany it, there’s Knisley’s newest work, Displacement.

ggi-shirtGeek Girl Illuminati Shirt
Do you know a lady who’s afraid to let her geek flag fly but you see that copy of Sex Criminals peeking out of her bag? Get her one of these. We’ll take care of the rest.

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