pull list wor·thy

po͝ol list wərT͟Hē

1. a comic book that is deserving of effort, attention, respect and purchase.
“Bitch Planet is such a provocative read, it is totally pull list worthy.”

Happy Wednesday, nerds! I have cultivated a fine list of pull list worthy comics for you to check out when you hit your comic shop this week. In the mean time, tell me what’s on your pull list in the comments!

Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics)
Will I miss Kelly Sue on Captain Marvel? Very much. But, I think she set an enviable standard that offers other creators an opportunity to expand upon. Also, Kris Anka’s Carol is one I need in my longbox. The showrunners from Agent Carter are on deck for writing duties. If you didn’t know, Agent Carter is fantastic. This relaunch has promise.

Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel Comics)
Mike Allred’s style is an excellent fit for this character, and a new #1 is a great time to jump-on.

Devolution #1

Devolution #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)
I am a crazy science nerd, specifically I am obsessed with biological anthropology. So, I am totally into a comic that is about “every living creature on Earth” devolving. Rick Remender is writing it, and he does well with apocalyptic and utilitarian. I love that Jae Lee cover for the first issue. I think it’s pretty great that it’s got the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in ruin. Vegas. Talk about “devolved.”

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1 (DC Comics)
Artist Clay Mann is delightful, and I think he’s a keen fit for this title. For that reason alone, I must see issue #1. I haven’t read any of Amy Chu’s writing, but I am all about supporting ladies in the comics industry.

Secret Six #10 (DC Comics)
As long as Secret Six is a thing, it will be on my pull list. This issue concludes the House of Strangers arc. Lots of magic. Lots of Black Alice.


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