pull list wor·thy

po͝ol list wərT͟Hē

1. a comic book that is deserving of effort, attention, respect and purchase.
“Since the first issue, The Wicked and The Divine has been consistently pull list worthy.”

It’s Wednesday you beautiful nerd-faced nerds! I am trying to do this pull-list thing weekly to make sure you all stay on track (and in-line) with appropriate comic book choices. And by appropriate, I mean awesome. Check it.

Faith #1
Faith #1 (Valiant Entertainment)
From the pages of Harbinger comes Faith, and she is a delightful character. Faith is big, bold and brave, and really, just a great girl character. If you haven’t dabbled in the Valiant universe yet, I’d say this is a great place to start. Buy this book!

Black Canary #7 (DC Comics)
If you haven’t been reading Black Canary, now would be a good time to jump in. This issue finishes up the first arc. And given Brenden Fletcher’s writing style, I imagine there will be enough exposition that you can put any missing pieces together. And then! And then, you can jump right on in to the next arc. Also, Annie Wu’s art is the shit.

Black Magick #4 (Image Comics)
Some comic readers follow their favorite characters, and others follow their favorite creators. Black Magick is falls firmly in the latter category. It’s Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott. I mean, c’mon!


CHEW #54 (Image Comics)
I love this book SO MUCH! CHEW ends at issue #60, so we’re in the homestretch. Expect global chicken conspiracies to be (partially?) unveiled.

Finally, here are a few other comics worthy of your time…

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