As we enter into the sixth season of Game of Thrones, I am convinced (now more than ever) that I am a masochist. You would think that the Red Wedding and the Red Viper would be enough to make any girl with half a brain avoid theatrics of such consequence. Well, I have a whole brain, a brilliant brain, and somehow I end up enthralled with HBO’s incarnation of Game of Thrones. I blame my amygdala.

There’s so many things to consider this season. First, is Jon Snow dead… or not? He looks very cold, but in the ways of Westeros and its every-increasing magic, someone could warm him up. And our beloved Dany! Drogon has dropped her off somewhere in the Red Sea. Knowing the Dothraki tongue could be incredibly useful. Will she overcome? Arya is blind. Cersei is very pissed off (again and still). Oh, and don’t forget about the resilient Sansa fleeing in the snow. I really need for her to have a win. Right!?

To combat (or embrace) my conflicted spirit, I am teaming up with other nerds to vent after every episode, podcast style. We promise to keep it to roughly 30 minutes. We also promise that there will be TONS of spoilers. The first one is right… HERE.

Did you watch the episode? What did you think? We’re entering into unpublished territory for several of the characters, any theories as to what may come (apart from Winter, of course)?

jon snow dead in the snow

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